What's Crackin?

I found myself in a predicament this weekend as I opened the refrigerator only to find that we had a slight surplus of eggs (like four plus dozen) instead of our usual single dozen. Woops - you bought eggs too, honey? Fortunately this is the time of year lends to a few egg surplus solutions.

I decided to try to get a bit of inspiration so that I could perhaps dye some of the eggstra baggage (sorry, the puns stop here, I promise). We often painted or dyed eggs as kids at Easter time but I haven't done it myself for a few years now. Should I stay with the traditional egg dye route we did so many times or should I try something new?

The Graphic Designer in me did a little backflip when I saw these Easter eggs (here). I'm such a sucker for pantone swatch related paraphernalia and I think these are just brilliant. Lets not pretend I'd actually have the patience to do this myself, but still...very cool.

These ones from Martha Stewart are also pretty fun.

But I get that there are lots of different ways to decorate Easter eggs and not everyone gets kicks out of graphic design and print press related eggs the same way as I do.

A little more searching and I found these calligraphed ones which would be cool if I had a steady hand...

Of course I would find some ombre eggs. Call me crazy but I've never been a huge fan of this trend.

Grab your sharpie and have fun with these bold black and white creations. You wouldn't have do deal with the mess of dye but you might have a marker high by the time you were done.

And finally I stumbled across these pinata eggs which just made me crack up because, oh my goodness, could you imagine smacking one of these things if they weren't sufficiently hard boiled first? Surprise!

So maybe I'll put some of those those extra eggs in our fridge to a good use and embrace the Easter spirit, or maybe we'll be eating a lot of omlettes in the next couple weeks. We'll shall see!

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