What a Doozy

Another one bites the dust - and by another one I'm referring to myself and the awful week (err - twelve days) of colds and flus and blizzards that we just faced. It was not pretty. There were some pretty dark hours in there and some days that felt would never. ever. end.

Perhaps I'm being slightly dramatic but that's honestly how I felt. Sick mama + sick baby is never a great combination.

Fortunately this week has been (a bit) better. Less nights where Danny would unexpectedly have to work extra late hours, no weekend of call approaching and taunting us with the 'you'll never get a break, you'll never see your husband' song. We still had days where it snowed so much we couldn't leave the house...the house we're so sick of staring at, hoping something exciting would spontaneously happen to shake us out of our slump.

But today the sheets are in the laundry - the ones that are were full of gross little germies that wouldn't seem to let up. I'm officially ridding this house of those nasty bugs and their foul mood causing agendas. I scraped off as much snow as I could from the driveway in hopes that tomorrow we could take a fun adventure - to anywhere. The sun popped out from behind the thick blanket of grey we've been seeing out our windows.

Its going to get better - it HAS to!

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