Twelve Months: One Year Old!

We survived the first year!

This milestone is always an accomplishment for me. Pregnancy is hard and the first year is hard. Running off little to no sleep for almost 22 straight months (pregnancy insomnia plus the first year with a baby) is rough - full stop. I was prepared for this having been through it a couple times before but I'm pleased to say out of all my babies, this was also the 'easiest' first year we've come through. Okay, maybe not easy, but not the worst.

Sam has been busy! He is crawling all over the place and getting into all sorts of trouble; mainly pulling rocks out of our plants or ripping up his brother's paper books. He is pulling to stand and likes to walk around the ottoman, stools or have us hold his hands while he toddles across the floor. He also likes to play outside and rub the grass with his toes or rearrange the rock beds. He cut another bottom tooth shortly after his first and has been experimenting with what they do. He still barely has any hair to speak of but I have noticed it coming in a little thicker and darker. My guess is it will be straight like Ben's. Time will tell!

Sam still wakes up once a night for a quick feed but as this chapter of our life closes I try not to get too annoyed and just enjoy it for what it is. We've had a special little connection his entire life and soon he won't need me in the same way. I'm trying not to get too sappy about that. We've had a couple full nights of sleep this month but I expect more will come soon. He's been dropping his nap from time to time, wavering between 1 or 2 a day. This makes it harder to predict his but also allows for a bit more freedom away from the home.

This past month we made a trip down to sunny Arizona to visit with my parents. It was Sam's first trip out of the country and he did pretty well on the plane rides. We enjoyed the Aquarium, Zoo, nature walks, Children's Museum and Old Western Towns. We went on his first boat ride where he swiftly kicked one of his new shoes overboard (eye roll) and later he went for his first ever swim with his Baba at the community pool. We had a nice time in the sun after a very long winter. We certainly prefer being outdoors.

Sam's first birthday party was a real success. I'm always amazed (and very appreciative) of our family and friends who come out to celebrate all these birthday parties for our boys - I think this is birthday party number nine in five years? We did a little blue sky and cloud theme for our happy, smiley, fun-loving little boy. I doubt he realized all the fuss was for him but we loved on him all the same.

And now we venture into our second year as a family of five. I'm so very grateful that this is our reality and I certainly don't take it for granted. Its not glamorous or simple and sometimes I wonder when I'll get a solid hour without interruptions from the little people who 'neeeeeeed me' but that's part of what makes it so special, right?

Goodbye to my sweet little baby Sam, you've been a dream. Now to enjoy the next adventures with a little toddler in the house!