Four Months: Nom Nom Nom

"The Maxim, The Maxim, we all love the Maxim!"

Okay, so that little ditty is actually an adaptation of a Winnie the Pooh song called, "The Backson", that Ben is equal parts afraid of and obsessed with. He loves to belt it out at the top of his lungs, usually when we're in the car. So it was somewhat inevitable that we would turn the song on top of its head and make it our own. Hence, "The Maxim"!

But here we are at the four month mark and I feel like I've barely hit the publish button on the three month post. Max continues to grow, grow, grow and looks much older than he actually is. He's probably around 17-18lbs and 27in long (I'm estimating but we'll find out his actual measurements in a couple weeks). I've got yet another pile of clothes in the laundry room to be put into storage. Most of Max's outfits and pyjamas are in the 6-12month range and he's wearing a size 3 diaper (I write this for my own purposes, not that I expect anyone else to be fascinated by that fact!). Max has officially outgrown the baby bathtub (what?!?) and barely fits in his nighttime bassinet anymore either. He can't sit up on his own yet but he has no problem keeping his head up and bearing his weight on his pudgy feet when he 'stands'. He's also days away from rolling over. Changes ahead. Ah, scary!

Everything goes in the mouth these days too. I had a funny moment this evening where he kept grabbing my finger, putting it into his mouth, pulling it out to examine it, and putting in back into his mouth. This happened over and over again. Gotta explore buddy! He's also figured out how to blow bubbles and stick out his tongue. He's hit the hard core drooling phase so bibs are definitely our friend. No teeth yet apart from the tooth bud he's had since birth. Not rushing that phase if I can help it as Max is already a fairly aggressive eater if you know what I mean. Ouch!

We had a few great weeks intermixed with the odd rough day; much to be expected with little ones. This past month we did a weekend trip in Canmore with some family friends who have daughters the exact same ages as our sons. It was fun to take them all sledding, go out for a few meals and watch them play together in our hotel rooms (Max's first night away from home). Not too long after that trip, we celebrated Chinese New Year and welcomed the Year of the Horse. We made a couple trips to the zoo and did our usual play date rounds. Another fun event has been watching the Winter Olympics. Although Max really doesn't watch much of anything we sure enjoy cheering for Team Canada and dressing up in red and white gear to support our athletes. Oh, and how could I forget Valentine's Day with our little family? I've got three handsome men in my life, so lucky. Maybe next year you can indulge in chocolates my sweet boy.

The brothers are starting to interact with each other a little bit. Ben is very loving and affectionate towards Max (okay, when prodded) but might bring a toy dinosaur a little too close the next moment. I don't worry too much though as Max can totally hold his own. They laugh with each other, take turns in the bouncer and have gibberish conversations back and forth from time to time. Max also tracks Ben as Ben runs in circles around the house. At each lap, Ben stops and touches his little brother's foot and says, "Hi Max" before continuing on his merry way. It's pretty cute, I must admit. Pretty soon they'll both be burning circles in the floor.

My little mama's boy is still a wonderful cuddler who shares big grins and giggles most of the day. I enjoy snuggling with him for a few minutes on the couch during the afternoons whenever I can. I hope he doesn't grow out of this stage too quickly. Still trying to savour as much as I can while knowing what sort of great adventures lay ahead.

Love you lots buddy!


Gung Hay Fat Choy 2014

Wishing you health, happiness and good fortune in the year of the horse!