Lunch With My Boys

This past weekend we stepped out for a quick bite to eat. We came across Mercatto, a place right around the corner that I'd walked past numerous times but hadn't tried yet. Turned out to be a great discovery. There weren't too many patrons so the restaurant was nice and quiet for us (less people to disturb should our music box decide to make a performance). The service was great, the food was tasty and I was able to relax and un-wind.

Soon we're going to be moving to the burbs and these little gems just a 5min walk away won't be so easy to come by. I know our days will be filled with new weekend routines and adventures but for now I'm just trying to enjoy these moments of living in the heart of a city with my boys.


Five Months: Feet, Fists & Fountains

Holla, five months!

This kid is at such a fun stage. I think I say that every month but I just can't help it. I love watching the big personality emerge from this guy. He's tremendously alert, determined and stubborn but all around a pretty happy and smiley guy. He's finding his high pitched screaming voice along with the 'mmmmm's and 'blrblblblbs' that regularly bless our ears. 

Toes make for a great snack and Ben can't get enough of them. One finger won't do anymore either; he's usually chomping down on two or three at a time. We let him suck on a wedge of watermelon this month which he absolutely loved. Not ready for solids yet but I know he's very curious about food. What goes into his mouth, however, doesn't even come close to what's coming out. This kid is a fountain of drool! I knew we'd hit this stage but I don't think I even realized how soppy everything would be. Bibs are soaked in a matter of minutes and there are only so many shirts one can pack in a diaper bag. I'm pretty sure Ben makes a game out of it as he'll purposefully spit up on us -- or anyone offering to hold him for that matter. No teeth yet but it wouldn't surprise me if they were on their way.

Nowadays we're always on the move. Ben is a 'walking' machine. He supports his full weight and will easily walk from one end of the condo to the other while holding on to our hands for balance. Perhaps he'll skip crawling as he absolutely hates tummy time and prefers to bounce and kick any day. He'll sit up for a few seconds but still tumbles over onto his side. Bath time is still one of his favourite activities and now he has the whole tub to splash and kick around in. Even while sleeping he'll flail around or hold his feet straight up in the air. I have to hold back the laughs so as not to wake him up.

This past month was very eventful for us as we made a trip back West to prep for our upcoming move. It was Ben's first ever airplane ride and he handled it so well much to the relief of his very nervous parents. We were able to visit with both sides of the family and introduce Ben to a few new friends. He even got his first 'kiss' from Miss Isla Rose, a sweet little girl just three weeks older than him. I'm anticipating a lot of dates in the coming months. We also made a trip to the harbour front for a free circus, enjoyed some backyard barbecues and went on stroller convoy walk with new friends.

We're wrapping up our time in Toronto which means a lot of change and transition ahead. It is somewhat bittersweet but we plan to spend the next few weeks taking in as much as we can!


Intention vs. Reality


Sigh... I love food styling. Not enough to actually cook, mind you, but so inspiring nonetheless.


What a Whirlwind!

Well we just got back from a whirlwind trip back West and boy it was an eventful one!

First of all - we're not going to be homeless! As you know, I was getting very frustrated with the process of finding a house and things were not looking up. In fact, one of two pre-arranged viewings cancelled while were were mid-flight leaving us with only one single viewing. Fortunately it turned out that the one viewing was all we needed. Time to go furniture shopping!

We also had a great time visiting with friends and family. It was our first trip back since Ben was born so a lot of people hadn't met our little guy in person yet. It was so nice to see people doting and cooing over him. I mean, we're all in love with our own child but when other people share the same sentiment it really pulls on a mom's heartstrings.

During this trip we also contracted one of the nastiest gastro bugs in my recent memory. I'll spare you the graphic details but just know that it was plain vicious. I got it first and was totally down for the count. Danny got it the next day so we were both out of commission. I am so grateful that we had family around to take care of our Ben (and keep him somewhat quarantined from us) ...so grateful in fact that we shared the damn bug with them too. So sorry! Luckily Ben seems to have escaped it. I cannot imagine what it would be like watching our little guy suffer so much. I know he will get sick eventually, but I still want to protect him from any sort of illness as much as I can.

Consequently, my very first Mother's Day was by no means what I imagined it to be but at least we spent it together as a family. Hopefully next year will be better.

Now we're back home, or at least what we'll call 'home' for the next few weeks. The long weekend is upon us and we have a great forecast ahead. Hoping to get outdoors and enjoy the beginnings of a very fun and exciting summer!