A Family Frittatta

I tried this fritatta recipe after drooling over it for a couple of weeks. Lo and behold it turned out even better than I had imagined! We dug into it so fast that I wasn't able to snap a photo of the finished product until it had been generously sliced up and dished out onto our plates.  

Yum. Weekend brunch with the family is definitely a favourite and this recipe will certainly be part of our rotation.


Hoppity Hop

This Easter was pretty quiet. It was cold outside, we had no visitors and we declined all dinner invites because both boys were sick. Truthfully, we were all just hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep. Fortunately the Easter Bunny made a pit stop at our house and put a little hop into our step. Ben was pretty thrilled about his egg hunt and Max enjoyed playing with the big boys. It actually turned out quite lovely.

Happy Easter!


Six Months: Sounds and Solids

Half-A-Year-Old! This is equal parts impossible (how did you grow so fast?) and yet still questionable (haven't you been here forever?). I'm really glad I've been doing these posts so I can keep track of how things are constantly moving and changing; a great resource for looking back and remembering.

It's been a fairly steady stream of changes and developments and I can't complain because I'm so grateful for this normally happy healthy boy. He did wake up with a cold this morning but fortunately he doesn't complain too much despite all the ickiness involved. Max is rolling from back to front but still often gets stuck on his stomach. He's also pretty good at balancing in a sit position although I won't say he's sitting on his own quite yet. His coordination is always improving and he's very good at tracking things, grasping them and bringing them to his mouth. Speaking of his mouth, the drool continues but not teeth yet. I learned from Ben that this can be a really slow process so I'm not holding my breath despite all the 'signs' being there. The teeth can be shy and will come when they come. Max's voice, however, has been anything but timid. This guy is a shrill shrieker and likes to make his presence known! Some days my ears literally ring because his screams are so high pitched and loud. Usually he's just playing but sometimes he does it for attention too. Our boy doesn't always have to be centre of attention but he certainly loves to be right in the middle of whatever we're doing.

His six month wellness appointment is coming up soon but I'm confidant we've surpassed the 20lbs mark. Thanks for the constant upper body workout buddy! My arms and back have never been stronger. His hair is coming in a bit thicker and his eyelashes are growing again too. Perhaps all this growing explains why our sleep has regressed so much recently? Gah - he's up probably 6-7x per night and I'm pretty sure this is more frequent than his newborn days. He also fights his naps pretty hard which makes for a tired baby and a tired mom. Not ideal! Really hoping this is going to change by next month's post. Sleep! We miss you dearly!!!

The biggest milestone of this month has been the introduction of solid foods. Contrary to what we all assumed - Max is not a big eater! Mind you, he's only had like two days of 'trials' but so far he just grimaces and spits it all out! Totally not what we expected but likely to change over time. Go figure!

But with all these changes there are a few constants that I really treasure. Max still bobs his head forwards and back when he's nursing, something he's done since birth. He still likes to pat my chest or hold onto my shirt to stay extra close. He still is a mama's boy and likes to cuddle as much as possible. And he still has a wicked smile that makes my heart just melt. Love him so much!

Life wise things have been pretty status quo; the usual round of playdates and outings (which, unfortunately, still require us to wear snow gear). Winter will never end! A new cousin was born this month which means Max is no longer the littlest person on my side of the family. Amazing to be reminded how much has changed since those early days! Max also started going to child care once a week at our Recreation Centre while big brother Ben attends a one hour 'Counting Class' (often verbally mistaken as an 'Accounting Class' haha). No, I don't have my toddler in an accounting class just quite yet. We are desperate for more outdoor activities to fill up our days and hope to start our park rounds very soon!

A few pics of our sweet six month old.