Eight Months: Enjoying Life

Eight Months and in charge! This past month has flown by rather quickly as we've been keeping busy with our regular routine as well as shaking things up with a trip down south. Max has also been exploding with new skills and is keeping us on our toes. A month of milestones for sure!

Our little nugget is quite a mover now - he rolls around on the floor and does quite the impressive backwards army crawl. Gone are the days when I would set him down on the carpet and find him in the exact same spot a few minutes later. Not the case anymore; the baby gates are latched again. Max still loves to bounce and pick things up with his feet. He sits up really well and can stand up for a few seconds providing he's holding on to something.

Our tall boy has moved out of his bucket seat and into a 'big boy' carseat which seems to make traveling a bit more interesting and bearable for him. As mentioned earlier, we also flew down to south (to Mexico!) for a week and Max was a champ on the plane. They were long(ish) flights so I really can't complain about the odd fuss. As for the vacation itself, Max adapted really well to the heat and rocked his sunglasses like a boss. He wasn't old enough to sample the local cuisine quite yet but satisfied his big appetite with his usual solids. Still prefers fruit over veggies but we're introducing more variety by the day.

Sleep still is a major struggle. Don't really feel like divulging into that too much but let's just say there's lots and lots of room for improvement.

Ben and Max are really starting to 'play' with each other. I'll often catch them in fits of giggles and it is the sweetest music to my ears. Don't get me wrong they totally roughhouse too. I'm not sure who's in more trouble as Max is absolutely not intimidated by Ben whatsoever and will happily take whatever he wants. Oh my, starting to see glimpses of our future.

We've got a fun summer ahead and are so looking forward to enjoying it with our sweet boys!