Eleven Months: Everything is Fair Game

Here we are at the eleven-months-old mark. In a matter of weeks I'll be counting Max's age in years! Although I generally feel like he is still my baby I can see the toddler phase emerging too. Here's a little recap of the past month.

Height, weight, head circumference? No clue. All I can say is that this boy is big! He's still rocking his size five diapers, wearing 12-18m clothes (sometimes 18-24m) and finding shoes that fit his very thick feet properly is nearly impossible. I no longer go down to the storage room to unpack Ben's old boxed up clothes to hang in Max's closet but rather just transfer them straight from one closet to the other. I imagine I'll be asked if the boys are twins soon! Dude. Way to grow!

Max is also very much emerged in the environment around him - everything is fair game. He still army crawls but usually he prefers to pull up to stand. His favourite ledge to walk around is the train table (much to Big Brother's dismay) but the highchair is a close second. Max climbs stairs multiple times a day, swings doors back and forth, plays with door stoppers, pulls the covers off the vents and likes to stand against the window sills and look at the world around him. He hasn't started opening cupboard doors yet but I'll probably write something about that in next month's post. Oy. No rest for this mama, as anyone with kids this age knows.

Max is also pretty fun and interactive. He likes to mimic sounds and motions, waves 'hi', blows spit bubbles, claps his hands along with nursery rhymes and will howl like a wolf whenever we read a favourite breakfast storybook. He thinks Ben is hilarious, especially when Ben pretends to feed him. The car isn't as horrible as it once was, especially now that the boys can almost reach each other's hands and pass various travel activities back and forth.

Not too many complaints apart from the never-ending horrible sleeps. Seriously, I think newborns wake less often than this kid. He's a very light sleeper, fights naps for hours and is generally quite restless most of the night. He's also got at least six teeth that are 'almost' poking through so I can't exclude the discomfort that must be contributing to his poor sleep as well. Experience tells me we'll get through this phase, it just feels very, very far away at this point.

We had a fun, busy month, filling up our schedule with playdates, birthday parties, baby showers and backyard picnics, (yes, that's right, our backyard is done!). We also had a freak snow storm that gave us a taste of the winter months ahead (Max hated it, by the way, haha). Trying our best to enjoy the warm weather as much as possible while we still have it!

This month was the first time I spent a night away from Mr. Max. A good friend and I took a little girls' trip to Vegas one weekend to change up our daily routine and, more importantly, get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Seems kind of ironic that I went to Vegas to sleep through the night for the first time in years but hey, I'll take whatever I can get. I'd like to think Max missed me horribly but I think he did just fine.

I can barely believe the time has come to start planning the one year birthday party but I'm also so grateful that we've been blessed with eleven solid great months with our little man! Love you buddy!