Eleven Months: Springing into a New Season

Spring is here and with that (I hope!) a new season of life that includes much more time outdoors and much less time wiping noses. We had another bad month with mono being the latest destroyer going through our house along with more fevers and colds. I'm sure you are so over reading about it just as we are so over with having to endure it. This has been our sickest winter to date. Thank goodness for Spring.

Sam is also eleven months old now! My goodness, we are rounding in on the one year mark. I can't express how much of a dream baby this guy has been. Honestly, when he's not sick he is just the sweetest, easiest most content little baby. Such a great addition to our family.

He cut a tooth this month (his first!) which has been long awaited. It wasn't too bad, at least compared to the other things we were dealing with. It is barely peeking out but is as sharp as a razor, no surprise. He's a lot more squirmy and mobile as well. He loves to stand up on his own and tries to push our hands away when we're holding him but he isn't as balanced as he thinks he is so usually grabs back for us as soon as he realizes what he's done. He loves to play with toy cars and Picasso tiles and is quite vocal about his displeasure when someone takes something away. Sam also loves to point his chubby little finger to identify anything and everything as we're walking around. Bed, elephant, plant, light, desk. I think he and his Grandpa will have lots of interesting walks in the weeks ahead as I remember the older boys spending lots of time identifying each and every little thing that crossed their paths when they were around the same age.

Sam has a few words that are probably mostly recognizable only to us. Mama, Dada, all-done, Na-Na (food), Hi Dad, Baba, hey. He's certainly quite chatty and it is fun to listen to all his squeals and sing-song babbles. He also likes to wave hi and bye and will lift his arms way up over his head when we ask, How Big is Sam? He likes to be tickled or thrown up into the air and giggles with such delight when we oblige. Baby laughs are seriously the best.

This month was mostly spent in quarantine mode but we did make it out to a birthday party and a cemetery celebration honouring our ancestors recently. I think we went to the zoo earlier this month but honestly it feels like such a long time ago I can barely remember. We did make it out to Canmore one blizzardy day and enjoyed a new restaurant before playing outside amongst the big flakes. But the snow is melting and the playgrounds are a bit less slippery so perhaps the next month will be a bit more adventurous.

Here's to new season and new beginnings! Time to go plan a birthday party.


Ten Months: Double Digits

Ten Months! How is this possible?

I think Sam still feels like my little baby because he still looks pretty baby(ish). No teeth, peach fuzz hair and not crawling (or running!) around like some other kids his age makes me think he is still just a little bumpkin. I cannot believe that in a few short weeks we'll be celebrating his first birthday. Where does the time go?

Sam has been so good to us. He's sleeping so much better, only getting up a couple times at night - except for when he is really sick. He's so content when he's awake; happy to watch his brothers run around or play with a few little toys on the floor. He has this thing for pulling over baskets which is sort of funny (probably because they're usually empty - if they were full I'm sure I would find it highly annoying). He loves to look outside and watch it snow, slapping his chubby little hand against the cold window pane. He can say 'Hi Dad' and 'Ma-Ma-Ma' and makes a hollow whistling sound through his lips. He also likes to suck on his top lip and make ppppssst sounds. His favourite songs are the ABC's and If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands, actions included. Gosh I love this kid.

This past month we checked out a fish hatchery, the zoo, the Science Centre and even made a trip to the Children's Hospital. Poor big brother's index finger was slammed in the car door and looked like a mangled wreck. Fortunately it was just soft tissue damage. Three boys, five years, and our first ever visit to the ER. I'd say that isn't too bad. We celebrated Valentines Day (how lucky am I to have FOUR boys to love every year now), went on snowy walks through the woods, battled more cold and flu bugs.. which reminds me... Poor Sam got Roseola a couple weeks ago and it was just the saddest thing! He's totally fine now but come on spring, we're all ready for less indoor germ pits.

Love you ten month old!


Nine Months: New Year - Still Feels like a New Baby

Happy New Year Friends!

We were fortunate to have a very lovely holiday season filled with family, friends and lots and lots of Kleenex. I wasn't kidding when I wrote that our family suffers from a constant plague during the winter months. Maybe it is just because we have a (brand new!) five year old, three year old and a nine month old? There's got to be a time when we're not always drowning in our own snot, right?

Sam has been such a trooper this past month despite not feeling well at all. He likes to babble, Da-Da-Da and Ma-Ma-Ma, and other random words that only make sense to us. He calls all food 'na-na' because I probably over annunciated 'banana' one time when feeding him and it apparently stuck. He still loves pretty much all and any food that we give him - such a difference from his first month where he would purse his lips so tight at the sight of a spoon. Nowadays I wonder if he has a hollow leg. Oh, and can you believe Sam still doesn't have any teeth? This is a good thing too as he certainly likes to chomp and tug when he is nursing. Serious ouch. I don't think I could handle that with a razor sharp tooth poking through. He's up on all fours, swaying back and forth, but not crawling yet. Also a relief as I don't have to run after three boys (yet). I'm sure its going to get much busier here in a few weeks, ha. Can you please stay little (and relatively immobile) forever, Sam?

This past month we obviously celebrated the holidays and had a great time with our family and friends. We got to spend more time than we expected with Sam's Great Grandma as she had a fall on Christmas Eve and had to spend a couple weeks in the hospital here. She's on the road to recovery and is in great spirits. We've enjoyed getting in the extra visiting time with her. She loves to sing to the boys or listen to them read her stories. We rang in big brother Ben's 5th birthday and a New Year, got back to our usual schedule of playdates and science centre outings. We attended a 1 Month Celebration for a friend's new daughter and Sam managed to stay entertained and well behaved throughout a ten course meal which spanned 3.5hrs and well past his usual bedtime (we were shocked)! We also spent a weekend out of town in beautiful Lake Louise enjoying the stunning scenery and playing in the snow. I even got a chance to hit the slopes for the first time in nearly six years! Oh it was so much fun. Now if only we could get rid of these awful bugs who constantly want to spoil our party.

You're such a trooper, Sam! Way to earn the badges for your immunity belt. xoxo


Eight Months: Happy Holidays, Baby!

I love this time of year. The snow falling softly outside, fireplaces and steaming mugs of tea keeping us cozy indoors, people who would normally hurry past you on the street tend to slow down and exchange a smile. Holiday parties and twinkling lights and Christmas carols playing on repeat; the days and weeks leading up to the holidays just seem to have such a magical feel. The anticipation of Baby's first Christmas is just icing on the gingerbread cake.

Unfortunately, this time of year is usually the start of our family plague and that did not skip over us this season either. Poor baby (and his big brothers) have been sick for pretty much the entire month of December. Its been quite the gross mess of fevers and coughs and sneezes and Kleenex. But we do our best to manage keeping our runny noses at bay especially when decorating Christmas cookies. Ack!

Sam has been sitting up comfortably and wriggling around a bit. He likes to play with his toes and hold little objects (usually his brothers' toys) in his hands. He is much more interested in food and he has taken a real liking for bananas and yogurt. This has also helped with the diaper explosions a bit. Solid foods man, makes a difference. Sam is also getting pretty good at putting his pacifier in his own mouth. This is helpful when I don't always attend to him as quickly as he would like. Sleep has been exactly what you might guess with sick kids who can't breath well. Sam had his first bath in the big boy tub this month. He and his brother Max took turns exchanging plastic cups back and forth until someone, not mentioning any names, decided to dump a cup right on his little brother's head! Luckily it didn't scar the baby for life and he has since enjoyed many more bubble sessions.

Not surprisingly, this month has been full of holiday related outings. We got to visit a neighbour's house where the Big Man in Red himself showed up. Sam happily sat upon his lap and was quite memorized by his beard. We also attended a couple kid parties around the neighbourhood and watched big brother Ben's preschool Christmas concert. Us parents even had a chance to get dressed up and go on a couple holiday date nights while Grandma bravely took care of all three (sometimes sick) boys at our house. We we had a real cold snap where we hunkered down indoors for a couple weeks followed by a little reprieve in the temperature where we bundled up and did some sledding in the woods behind our house. I love when little boys' cheeks and noses get all rosy and red. I have a feeling they won't be as eager to go tobogganing with their mom when they're teenagers, haha!

Very much looking forward to ringing in the holidays with our sweet boy. There will be lots of family and friends around to share in the love. Regardless of what you may celebrate or believe - we wish you warmth, love and happiness from our home to yours.