Two Months: Too Cute!

We've hit the two month mark and things have been great! I really didn't know what it would be like to have two kids to care for, especially with one being a newborn, but I'm pleased to say it has been better than I had anticipated. Of course there are bumps and challenges (oh, the dual meltdowns!) but I feel like we've really hit our stride and this is our new normal.

On to the Little Man!

Sometimes I feel like Max is a lot older than he really is (and not just because I think he's way bigger than Ben was at the same age) but then there are also times when I wonder how eight weeks have already gone by since he arrived. He's still so new and yet the three month sleepers are going into storage bins now too! I love that he still has the milky newborn smell and fuzzy little ears. His silky fine hair is thickening up a bit in the back but is still super soft. He holds his head up, turns it from side to side with ease and supports his whole weight on his legs. Max loves to cuddle (yay!) and often finds himself snoozing on my chest. In fact, he's doing just that right now as I type. His little hands love to grab on tight to a shirt or a shoulder whenever we hold him and that's how he prefers to be too,...right in the action with the rest of us.

My favourite part of this phase right now is how smiley he is. I really enjoy our little cooing conversations in the morning even if they include some loud rumblings from below too, haha. Temperament wise Max is pretty chill and only really gets fussy when he's hungry or is in his car seat. He's a great eater but still has to master the suck, swallow, breathe routine when drinking from a bottle. Pretty sure he'd spend the majority of his day snacking if it were completely up to him, ha!

Big Brother Ben likes to give lots of kisses to Max and will happily dispose dirty diapers. Ben willl often say, 'Hi Dee Dee" (slang for Little Brother in Cantonese) whenever he sees Max in the room and is starting show/share some of his favourite dinosaurs as well. I sure look forward to seeing how their relationship develops over time. Always good to have a sibling to stir up trouble and create life-long memories with.

We had another busy month with holiday preparations and the sort. Danny got to show off his boys at a coworker's Christmas Party, we feasted on Indian food at a neighbourhood get-together, attended an Elmo-themed birthday party and spread some cheer at a cousin's annual holiday part. We spent an afternoon at the Banff Springs hotel 'just because', battled some intense snowstorms and basically just enjoyed time with friends and extended family. Feeling really good about the weeks ahead.

And with that, it's time to put this guy down to bed as he's fallen asleep.

Sweet dreams little one!


Gingerbread House

A mid-week trip to our favourite castle in the Rockies afforded us the opportunity to snap some photos in front of this beauty. I could barely believe it was real but it certainly was. So impressed.

Hope you're having fun getting festive too!