Fort Edmonton Park

A few weeks ago we spent some time in Edmonton just hanging out as families do.  We were hoping to visit with some friends and cousins but it seemed that the sickness bug decided to visit them first. So, we had an opportunity to fill our time in other ways. A quick search on Trip Advisor directed us to Fort Edmonton Park for a little walk through history.

Choo Choo! First of all we boarded the train which took us back through time to the 1860's. We visited an old fort that used to be a major trading hub for the Natives and Europeans. Most of the log cabins were surprisingly cool despite the scorching temperatures outside. I tell you, these people knew what they were doing before a/c and electricity were even an option. Our own 'modern' home is definitely not as forgiving in the summer heat.

One of my favourite stops was the actual trading post. We learned about the different furs that were traded and what sort of goods they could be traded for. Although having never actually touched different pelts before, we sure felt like experts after this lesson.

As the day continued, we walked through models of different streets through various eras (1900's, 1920's etc.) Most of the stores and home structures were actually originals, re-built on site. The horses, barn animals and subsequent smells, however, were a little fresher.

I'm a sucker for vintage advertising, having studied it quite extensively through various forms in my University days. That and the plain fact that Danny likes his carbonated beverages from time to time.

The last stop was a 1920's midway. We didn't stay long as the clouds were threatening to open up and some people weren't quite tall enough for the ferris wheel anyway. Maybe next year buddy!