Memorial Day Wedding

Danny and I headed down to Phoenix this past weekend to celebrate the wedding of our very good friends. They have been living in Arizona for the last two years while working on a Neuroradiology Fellowship and Post Grad Degree in Education. You may recall we visited them (with Ben in tow) a few months ago. But this time it was just the two of us; a quick little getaway for some sun and fun.

We stayed at a lovely golf resort which is sort of ironic in that neither of us actually golf. Even if we did, however, I thought it was too hot to hit the links anyway. So we sat on a patio and sipped on nice cold beverages instead, ha! Even after brunch I had to retreat to our air conditioned suite to cool off. This Canadian girl isn't used to 38'C weather (triple digits 'F).

The wedding itself was in the evening at a quaint restaurant surrounded by luscious gardens and beautifully lit trees. It was a small intimate gathering of family and close friends. Very relaxed and calm - full of love. There were so many thoughtful details to take in (which I apparently didn't photograph) but appreciated nonetheless. All around it was just so enjoyable. Hearts feeling full.

We were honoured to be able to celebrate with our good friends and are equally as excited to have them return home soon.

Happy Memorial Day to all our American friends!


May Mountain Picnic

I'm loving our new home and we're mostly settled in but I made a request this past weekend that we take one day off from our enormous 'to do' list and do something fun. It was the first warm weekend we've had all year and I did not want to waste it. No chores, no errands, no working from home, nothing. One day off... that's all I wanted. Luckily Danny agreed.

My favourite place to escape to is obviously our extended backyard, the Rocky Mountains, so we got up bright and early on Sunday morning, packed our bags and headed out west. Both boys slept as I hit the open road and soaked up the beautiful views. The sights never get old.

We stopped in at a local cafe in Canmore and picked up some soup and sandwiches to add to our half-packed picnic basket. Then we moseyed along to the Nordic Centre to figure out a place to enjoy our picnic. After a brief chat with the folks at the day lodge and a crisp new map in hand, we decided to drive to Barrier Lake.

Barrier Lake holds a lot of memories for me. Cousins playing in the bushes and filming our version of the Blair Witch Project, a trip with girlfriends fresh out of university looking for a place to wind down. And now I could add a family picnic on the first warm weekend of the year with my little family. It was so much fun.

I have a feeling we'll be making a lot more memories here in the future.