One Month: Here We Go Again

And then there were three!

I can't believe I get to do these write ups again (and I can't believe I have to do these write ups again, ha)! But we are more than grateful for our newest little addition to the family and in favour of all things fair, baby number three gets his monthly updates too - even if they're a bit late in coming.

Sam has features that remind us of both of his brothers but he still has a look all his own. He's got lots of dark fuzzy hair, brown eyes (we think), and his dad's colouring. He's got lovely long fingers (great for piano!) and the adorable newborn fuzzy ears which I just love. Sam was 7lbs 3oz at his discharge and less than a week later at his first doctor's check-up weighed a whopping 8lbs 3oz. Way to go buddy! No idea what he weighs today but his newborn clothes certainly don't fit anymore and we're up to size one diapers. He's a great eater, a decent sleeper (wakes every 2hrs to feed), and has started to give us a glimpse of his infectious grin. So sweet!

When you've got three kids, schedules and plans just keep going so we've jumped right into life and Sam has adapted well. We've had visits from both sets of extended families, been on multiple outings to visit friends and even hit up the soccer field a couple times already too. I'm loving that I have a springtime baby which means we can actually spend time outside in the beautiful green world during daylight hours without having to put on layers and layers of clothing. That hasn't stopped Mother Nature from pulling a few tricks out of her sleeve, however. We've had two spring snowstorms, lots of rain and even a hailstorm in the past month! Nevertheless, I don't feel like we're having to stay sequestered inside weathering the long winter months... alone. Bring on the sun and fresh air!

Our sweet little Sam is such a joy to have in our family and I have to say the transition to three has been much easier than I expected. I didn't think it would be absolutely horrible but we were all bracing ourselves for a pretty big hiccough at the very least. To our surprise and delight the big brothers have both done an amazing job welcoming Sam into our tribe! They're very protective of his well being and are asking to hold him/(it - Max), offering to sing him songs, and are smothering him with hugs and kisses. Max actually takes it personally if he isn't included in the diaper changing process, ha! I'll take it! I didn't anticipate such a strong bond between the three boys so early but it's just lovely and warms this tired and happy mother's heart.

Sam, we were so excited to finally meet you and these first few weeks did not disappoint. Welcome to our family - it's going to be a great ride.



Samuel Andrew

04.21.16  |  2310h |  7lbs 8oz  |  21in

Pretty smitten with our little tribe.