Five Months: Seasons Changing

I feel like there are two main baby phases; 0-6Months and 6-12Months. Usually when I am pregnant and imagining the new addition to the family I am mostly envisioning the 0-6Month phase when the little one is still a 'true baby'. But then around the six month mark and the second half of that year, the baby seems to become 'less baby' and 'more toddler'. Of course this is completely my own thought process and means nothing to anyone else but all to say... I'm starting to freak out just a little bit. Sam! You're only going to be a 'true baby' for like one more month and then this whole phase of life will be over! As much as I love to see them grow and develop, I want to keep my babies in the 'baby' stage as long as I can. Ugh - time - stop playing with me.

Sentimental rant over.

Mr Sam is generally a happy and content little man. He has discovered his toes and loves to play with his hands. He likes to stroke me whenever he's nursing and he fingers his blanket or pacifier when he goes down for a nap. Lots of drool escaping from this mouth but luckily no teeth yet because the kid likes to clamp down hard on anything that he can. We put him in the high-chair for fun this month but will wait until six months to start him on solids. I'm a bit of a traditionalist in that sense plus I'm also not ready to clean up after another messy kid every meal time, ha. Honesty.

Sam arches his back sooooo hard whenever he wants to be picked up. Fun fact: We considered the middle name 'Archer' for him and this would seem more than appropriate right now. He giggles when his brothers play nicely with him and mostly tolerates it when they're less than gentle. Overall he just wants to be one of the crowd. He can roll over onto his side to see what is going on but can't move too far yet - another perk for me.

For those of you who enjoy stats like I do, Sam weighed in at 16lbs14oz this month and has officially surpassed his two older cousins who are 12months and 18months old, ha! We grow them big in this household. His head is 44cm which is a random fact I remember. He's in size three diapers but it doesn't seem to matter what we do he still has a blow out at least 2x/day. I remember Max being the same way and he grew out of that phase so we'll get through this messy phase too.

Every year we try to make a trip back to my hometown and this year was no exception. Sam came along for the trip, of course, and did really well. We got to visit family and friends, go to a farm, spend time at the cabin, pick apples at Baba and Grandpa's house and visit Great Grandma at her house too. We're very fortunate to have so many people in our lives who we can share time and make memories with.

This month was our very first "Back to School" month Ben entering Preschool. This means that a lot of Sam's naps are now interrupted to shuttle everyone back and forth to pick up our biggest boy. Looking at the clock, I realize that I'm going to have to pause this post and start loading up the car right now!

Okay, back home. 

We've got a few fun things planned for the month ahead. Hoping the weather holds out for a bit longer so we can enjoy more fall mountain walks or days playing outside without bundling everyone up in many, many layers. I guess that means I have to eventually dig out a snowsuit for this kiddo but for now we will just enjoy the beautiful colours and the changing seasons.

Lots of love to our little Sam!