We had some very scary dinosaurs visit our house this morning. Ben's been obsessed with the prehistoric giants for months and Max is basically thrilled to participate alongside his big brother in any capacity.



We'll just pretend the whole experience wasn't like this most of the time, haha.

Happy Halloween!


Twelve Months: Our Birthday Boy!

Our littlest baby boy is one year old!

What a delight it was to capture this little series for Max's first year; just as we did for big brother Ben's first year. I'll admit that it wasn't always 'easy' (read: photo shoots became more 'dynamic' each progressing month) but I enjoyed it all the same.

Mr. Max is officially one year old. These past twelve months have gone by lightning fast (although I can't say the same about the night shifts). Just as Ben shaped and transformed our hearts so has Max made a wonderful impression on our lives. We are so fortunate to have two healthy, beautiful, and happy boys.

When I reflect on the past year I feel like we have been really blessed. Max was generally a pretty chill baby who didn't feel the need to throw us too many curveballs or yank our chains too hard. Max, being our second child, meant more confident and laid back parents, an older brother to provide extra loving, and a general understanding that 'everything is a phase so either enjoy or endure as need be'. We certainly were busier and more exhausted but I feel like I was able to savour this go around a bit more than the first time.

Max's personality is really starting to shine. He is a really sweet, energetic Mama's boy who loves to be included in anything and everything we are doing. He's constantly taking note of what Ben is doing and often mimics him too. It's wonderful to see the boys play together, usually 'nicely', and their fits of giggles are very infectious. He loves story time at breakfast with Ben & Mom and bath time in the evening with Ben & Dad. Max is good at exploring on his own too. He will crawl up the staircase to the train table and make a royal mess of the place. Then he'll make his way to the couch where he'll grab every cushion and throw it onto the floor. But I will give him credit when it comes to cleaning up; the kid is almost as good at putting things back as he is destroying them, haha.

Right from birth Max was a big boy and he has remained that way ever since. He's definitely leaner but certainly still mighty solid, giving my arms a good workout every day. He's been wearing size 5 diapers for months and dons mostly 12-18Month clothes. That being said, I popped a few of Ben's size 2Yr sweaters in his closet and Max can fill those out pretty well too. He's a fast crawler but prefers to climb and walk along furniture whenever possible. He's starting to walk while holding on to just one hand but isn't stable enough to stand on his own for more than a few seconds yet. He's got nearly 7 teeth (top four incisors and bottom 2, almost 3).

One thing that surprised us about Max this month is that his hair, which has been very minimal up to this point, is actually curly! Who would have thought? He's got a couple little wings behind each ear and the rest is rather suggestible when tousled. I don't know if it will stick around or not but it sure was a delight we didn't expect!

Max is still a great eater and a horrible sleeper. I guess we can't have it all, right? Positives first - it is a real relief to know that our boy will eat basically everything we do and that (knock-on-wood) we haven't encountered any allergies yet. His favourite food is definitely yogurt; he kicks and squeals every time I bring out a cup for him. Rice, protein of any sort, fruit, and cheerios are also a hit. Bananas took a back seat this month but perhaps will return to our regular rotation again soon. We still have the occasional nursing session, but mostly just for comfort at this point. I'm so thankful I don't have to stress too much about the food department and hope it remains this way for some time! Now for our big challenge, sleep. We still have multiple wake ups at night and these can last from 2 minutes to 2 hours in length. Danny and I take turns getting up but I'm starting to notice slightly longer stretches developing and pray these are the steps to progress. It's been a year and we have yet to sleep through the night (yes, we) but we'll get there, eventually.

Poor nights aside, we've had a great month as a family. We attended birthday parties, visited a petting zoo and pumpkin patch, went to Heritage Park, visited with both sets of Grandparents, celebrated Thanksgiving, and had a few playdates. We watched the leaves fall off the trees and enjoyed some new recipes (maybe I'll finally take to cooking?) Max's first birthday party was a real highlight with a little woodland picnic theme surrounded by family and friends. The month has been cozy and settled and comfortable, just like our little family of four has become.

What a privilege it has been to have you join our family and watch you grow these past twelve months, little Max. We love you fiercely and are so looking forward to many more years to come!

Love you so much Max! Happy Birthday!


A Birth Day

In a few hours, our baby boy turns one. Right now though, he's curled up (almost) sleeping in my arms while I type. His legs are bent at the knees, half resting on my lap half draped over the arm of the rocking chair. I used to be able to cradle him in the crook of one arm but that didn't last for long. He has grown into such a wonderful little boy, our beloved Max.

I remember the days leading up to his birth quite vividly. The leaves were falling, the air was crisp, the seasons were changing, and we were awaiting the change in our own family. What would this new baby be like? Would he look like his big brother, Ben? Would he be loud and demanding or quiet and relaxed? Would he be a good eater, a good sleeper? Would I be able to juggle the demands of raising two little boys? Like many mothers in the final states of pregnancy I was both excited and nervous.

Max's actual birth was a bit more dramatic than anticipated. I haven't written about his birth story yet (probably because I haven't actually fully processed it all, and probably because I haven't made the time!) but all to say he arrived in this world healthy and screaming and squishy and pink. The nurses kept commenting on how big and long he was (8lbs5oz and 21in long). We were positively delighted!

I'm so glad to have experienced this past year getting to know the newest member of our family. He is such a sweet little guy who slid right into our family and made a cozy spot for himself. I've enjoyed watching him grow and learn and develop, leaving a mark on each of our hearts. I've watched Ben turn into the caring and compassionate big brother we hoped he'd become. I've watched my husband's love and pride for his two boys flourish and multiply. I've been pushed and challenged and rewarded in so many ways. It's remarkable to think that all of this was accomplished in just 365 short (and sometimes very long) days.

Mr. Max, the day you were born I grew another heart, one that has filled up and overflowed with love for you. We are so grateful to have you in our lives.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful son, Max.