Three Months: So Many Smiles

Mr. Sam is three months old and this past month has been fantastic.

Let me tell you, this kid might be our happiest baby yet. How fortunate are we? I cannot get enough of these broad toothless grins and sparkly crescent shaped eyes. Sam has even started giggling which just puts me over the top. It doesn't get old even with the third child. Sam had his two month wellness appointment a few days ago and he weighed in at 13lb1oz (75th percentile) and is 90th percentile for height (I forget the measurement and am not motivated enough to dig up the paperwork, ha). He's a good eater, fills many diapers a day, and is generally content when he's awake in-between naps. We are no where near sleeping through the night but I can usually get a 4hr stretch on his first nighttime put down which keeps us sane. He is in mostly 3mo clothing and I'm already packing away some of his earlier outfits which seem amazingly tiny. He's starting to drool and blow bubbles when he's not sucking on his fists. He's sporting a wicked bald spot on the back and sides of his head where he's rubbed off his hair. We are very grateful for our happy healthy boy.

Of course, a huge part of this past month has been celebrating my younger sister's wedding. We had a lot of wedding-related events to attend and I brought my little side kick along to all of them. He did remarkably well, even sharing a hotel room with Baba, Grandpa and myself for a couple nights. This month we also took in some Stampede events (parade and midway), visited Dinosaur Provincial Park, the Science Centre and had lots of family gatherings with both sides of the family. I'm also pleased to report that Sam's big brothers are still totally in love with their Saaaaaam. They argue over who gets to sit next to the baby in the car, who gets to hold the diaper while I'm changing him, and who gets to give him the biggest kisses while he's in his little chair. No complaints from this Mama - soaking up all the good for as long as it lasts! Fingers crossed it does.