Ten Months: Double Digits

Ten Months! How is this possible?

I think Sam still feels like my little baby because he still looks pretty baby(ish). No teeth, peach fuzz hair and not crawling (or running!) around like some other kids his age makes me think he is still just a little bumpkin. I cannot believe that in a few short weeks we'll be celebrating his first birthday. Where does the time go?

Sam has been so good to us. He's sleeping so much better, only getting up a couple times at night - except for when he is really sick. He's so content when he's awake; happy to watch his brothers run around or play with a few little toys on the floor. He has this thing for pulling over baskets which is sort of funny (probably because they're usually empty - if they were full I'm sure I would find it highly annoying). He loves to look outside and watch it snow, slapping his chubby little hand against the cold window pane. He can say 'Hi Dad' and 'Ma-Ma-Ma' and makes a hollow whistling sound through his lips. He also likes to suck on his top lip and make ppppssst sounds. His favourite songs are the ABC's and If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands, actions included. Gosh I love this kid.

This past month we checked out a fish hatchery, the zoo, the Science Centre and even made a trip to the Children's Hospital. Poor big brother's index finger was slammed in the car door and looked like a mangled wreck. Fortunately it was just soft tissue damage. Three boys, five years, and our first ever visit to the ER. I'd say that isn't too bad. We celebrated Valentines Day (how lucky am I to have FOUR boys to love every year now), went on snowy walks through the woods, battled more cold and flu bugs.. which reminds me... Poor Sam got Roseola a couple weeks ago and it was just the saddest thing! He's totally fine now but come on spring, we're all ready for less indoor germ pits.

Love you ten month old!

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  1. I love scrolling through the months and seeing the changes! Sweet boy!