Nine Months: New Year - Still Feels like a New Baby

Happy New Year Friends!

We were fortunate to have a very lovely holiday season filled with family, friends and lots and lots of Kleenex. I wasn't kidding when I wrote that our family suffers from a constant plague during the winter months. Maybe it is just because we have a (brand new!) five year old, three year old and a nine month old? There's got to be a time when we're not always drowning in our own snot, right?

Sam has been such a trooper this past month despite not feeling well at all. He likes to babble, Da-Da-Da and Ma-Ma-Ma, and other random words that only make sense to us. He calls all food 'na-na' because I probably over annunciated 'banana' one time when feeding him and it apparently stuck. He still loves pretty much all and any food that we give him - such a difference from his first month where he would purse his lips so tight at the sight of a spoon. Nowadays I wonder if he has a hollow leg. Oh, and can you believe Sam still doesn't have any teeth? This is a good thing too as he certainly likes to chomp and tug when he is nursing. Serious ouch. I don't think I could handle that with a razor sharp tooth poking through. He's up on all fours, swaying back and forth, but not crawling yet. Also a relief as I don't have to run after three boys (yet). I'm sure its going to get much busier here in a few weeks, ha. Can you please stay little (and relatively immobile) forever, Sam?

This past month we obviously celebrated the holidays and had a great time with our family and friends. We got to spend more time than we expected with Sam's Great Grandma as she had a fall on Christmas Eve and had to spend a couple weeks in the hospital here. She's on the road to recovery and is in great spirits. We've enjoyed getting in the extra visiting time with her. She loves to sing to the boys or listen to them read her stories. We rang in big brother Ben's 5th birthday and a New Year, got back to our usual schedule of playdates and science centre outings. We attended a 1 Month Celebration for a friend's new daughter and Sam managed to stay entertained and well behaved throughout a ten course meal which spanned 3.5hrs and well past his usual bedtime (we were shocked)! We also spent a weekend out of town in beautiful Lake Louise enjoying the stunning scenery and playing in the snow. I even got a chance to hit the slopes for the first time in nearly six years! Oh it was so much fun. Now if only we could get rid of these awful bugs who constantly want to spoil our party.

You're such a trooper, Sam! Way to earn the badges for your immunity belt. xoxo

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