Eleven Months: Springing into a New Season

Spring is here and with that (I hope!) a new season of life that includes much more time outdoors and much less time wiping noses. We had another bad month with mono being the latest destroyer going through our house along with more fevers and colds. I'm sure you are so over reading about it just as we are so over with having to endure it. This has been our sickest winter to date. Thank goodness for Spring.

Sam is also eleven months old now! My goodness, we are rounding in on the one year mark. I can't express how much of a dream baby this guy has been. Honestly, when he's not sick he is just the sweetest, easiest most content little baby. Such a great addition to our family.

He cut a tooth this month (his first!) which has been long awaited. It wasn't too bad, at least compared to the other things we were dealing with. It is barely peeking out but is as sharp as a razor, no surprise. He's a lot more squirmy and mobile as well. He loves to stand up on his own and tries to push our hands away when we're holding him but he isn't as balanced as he thinks he is so usually grabs back for us as soon as he realizes what he's done. He loves to play with toy cars and Picasso tiles and is quite vocal about his displeasure when someone takes something away. Sam also loves to point his chubby little finger to identify anything and everything as we're walking around. Bed, elephant, plant, light, desk. I think he and his Grandpa will have lots of interesting walks in the weeks ahead as I remember the older boys spending lots of time identifying each and every little thing that crossed their paths when they were around the same age.

Sam has a few words that are probably mostly recognizable only to us. Mama, Dada, all-done, Na-Na (food), Hi Dad, Baba, hey. He's certainly quite chatty and it is fun to listen to all his squeals and sing-song babbles. He also likes to wave hi and bye and will lift his arms way up over his head when we ask, How Big is Sam? He likes to be tickled or thrown up into the air and giggles with such delight when we oblige. Baby laughs are seriously the best.

This month was mostly spent in quarantine mode but we did make it out to a birthday party and a cemetery celebration honouring our ancestors recently. I think we went to the zoo earlier this month but honestly it feels like such a long time ago I can barely remember. We did make it out to Canmore one blizzardy day and enjoyed a new restaurant before playing outside amongst the big flakes. But the snow is melting and the playgrounds are a bit less slippery so perhaps the next month will be a bit more adventurous.

Here's to new season and new beginnings! Time to go plan a birthday party.

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