Snapping out of it

I don't like leaving things on a sour note and that last post stayed up way too long! Yes, it was a really yucky period, but as is the case with most parts of life, things change.

Pleased to say that we've been feeling much better and haven't gone through nearly as many Kleenex boxes as of late. It's still snowing a lot around these places but we can't be too surprised because we all know that spring doesn't come to Canada until at least May. That being said, I've begun to buy flowers a little more regularly while at the grocery store. Even a small bundle of tulips can brighten up a long string of grey days. Plus it's usually still light out when we eat dinner and that feels good too.

We have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks. Outings with friends and family are becoming a bit more regular, Easter is just a few days away. Plus, we're gearing up for another big move (within city limits, thank goodness) and cannot wait to truly plant our roots so to speak. I was going to post some pictures but am working off my iPad and can't seem to get things syncing properly so it will have to wait.

Plus, Baby is sleeping and i just might take this opportunity to get a little shut-eye myself. Yay for afternoon naps.

So more to come soon!

Hope you're all well!

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