Last week we got back from a wonderful three-week family holiday in Hawaii. The trip was something we had planned and looked forward to for many months. Anyone who lives in a climate where it is winter almost seven months of the year can appreciate this, I'm sure.

Looking back I'm reminded of so many wonderful things; the impressive marine life during our snorkelling adventures, the rhythms of the drums beating at the Polynesian Cultural Centre, the waves crashing against rocky lava beaches, the huge variety of fresh fish and fruits available we enjoyed every night, the fistfuls of sand we dug out of a curious toddler's mouth, the smoke billowing out of a volcanic crater. It was a trip of serious memory-making opportunities.

Of course there were some not so perfect moments too, like my first ever encounter with a cockroach (unfortunately not my last), a ten day cold with plugged ears and then a nice round of gastroenteritis to finish things off - nobody was spared.

But despite all of that my absolute favourite part of the whole trip was the opportunity to spend some serious, un-interrupted quality family time with my boys and my parents. Like most people, I find myself rushing through most regular days trying to accomplish 'abc..' on my to-do list and then all of a sudden the month is over and where did that time go? Luckily household chores and work commitments can't be brought over in a suitcase so the regular distractions of home didn't interfere. 

It was paradise!

Cannot wait to return some day soon!

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