Our Latest Project

A couple weeks ago I eluded to the fact that we have another big move on the horizon and I'm pleased to say this is one of the most exciting ones yet. We're not changing countries, or provinces or even cities this time but we are moving into our very own house (our first ever "Yes we own it, yes we pay our own mortgage"house)! Up to this point we've been fairly transient in our lives so renting made the most sense at the time. But now it's time plant some roots.

The process started back in October, after we had some time to settle down from all the hubbub of moving cross-country, starting a new position at the hospital, and wrapping up a fairly busy summer. We found a rare lot in our dream location and were able to jump into the process rather quickly. The next few weeks were a flurry of design selection meetings, bank appointments, electrical appointments, change orders and the like. It was a bit overwhelming at first, especially considering we were in a situation where we had to work within in a condensed timeline, but overall the process has been really fun.

We've made a tradition of driving over to the site each weekend, coffees in hand, to look at the progress. It has been so incredible to see our home take shape; the place where we'll host barbecues and family dinners, where piano will be practiced and knees will be skinned. Our family's first home.

Three more weeks!

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