That Time of Year Already?

Well, not exactly. I usually roll my eyes at the overload of sleigh bells and twinkling lights that appear even before the jack-o-lanterns have been extinguished. But it dawned on me that I should get a bit of my Christmas shopping done early this year. Danny and I are making a quick trip out West next week and unless I want the hassle and expense of shipping the majority of our gifts across the country this December, I should be a bit proactive and bring them along with us instead.

So, with less than a week before we depart, the (self-inflicted) crunch is officially on!

Fortunately the new Restoration Hardware Gifts catalogue arrived in the mail this week and has been giving me some ideas.

Cashmere Hand warmers. Who doesn't like toasty fingers in the winter months?

Jokes on You Prank Kit - magic ink, hand buzzer, snake in a can, dribble glass. 
I have a couple nephews who would put this to good use for sure.

Faux Fur Throw. I can see myself wrapping up in this at the cabin, hot cocoa in hand.
Iron Wine Caddy. Drinks all around.

I have a feeling we're going to be making an extra stop when out for our usual chore run this weekend. So when do you usually start your holiday shopping?

* All images sourced from RestorationHardware.com
** Not intended to be an endorsement.

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  1. Good thinking! You might be a little busier than normal this Christmas.