Is Stationary Dead?

Rare are the days that I actually have to send something by 'snail mail' anymore. Now with email, phone calls, faxes, texts, Facebook messages, blogs, conference calls, e-forums, instant messages, iMessages, bbm messages, Skype, the options for communication are endless.

So when I was required to send a cheque 'the old fashioned way', I realized that I didn't have a single piece of correspondence paper to include with the mailing. I scoured the desk drawers but could only come up with random sheets of 80lb bond paper (ie. printer paper) and some looseleaf I would have to tear out of a notebook. Not acceptable.

During our regular weekend chore run, I dragged Danny through a few different stores in the mall, sure to find a little notepad or stationary set. No problem right? Wrong. Our search produced nothing (well, I did find a notepad with a stylized fork on it but that wasn't exactly what I had in mind).

So I've changed my search approach and decided to turn to the internet instead. I want something simple, classic and versatile. Maybe a flat notecard or simple folding card. I love the look of letterpress but don't know if I could settle on a singular design. Plus, my name will be changing in a few months so I don't want to necessarily commit to a large set of personalized or monogrammed pieces...yet. But I did find some interesting pieces to consider if not right now then at least for future reference.




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