Centre Island: Far Away Farm & Centreville

Our adventures on Toronto's Centre Island continued after our morning picnic under the trees.

Another treat for us was Far Away Farms. We're not quite at the stage where animals are more interesting then say, a leaf, but we stopped to look anyway. I think Ben was really happy to be able to run around and explore.

We stopped to look at a donkey, a goat, some bunnies and a dairy cow. Some smelled better than others, haha.

Next we ventured off to the little amusement park in Centreville. I wasn't sure if Ben would be interested in any of the rides (or if he was even tall enough to ride any in the first place) but we soon discovered that he was in luck. Danny's not a big fan of rides, unlike myself who loves them, but because baby #2 is on the way I got to play the role of photographer while Danny 'took one for the team'. Really, how bad could the kiddy rides be though?

Obviously things turned out okay for the both of them.

After all that activity was time for lunch. At first we stopped for a couple pieces of pizza but while en route to a picnic table we were literally dive-bombed by a seagull and our lunch was no longer ours. I'm serious - feathers in the hair, trays knocked out of hands, pizza on the ground, feast for a dozen crazy seagulls. Totally took us by surprise but what could you do but laugh? I would have snapped a picture but all evidence was gone in a matter of seconds.

Here was lunch v2.0. Very well shielded when walking to another picnic table by the way.

Hotdogs and fries on a sunny day in June. Life is good.

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