Center Island: Picnic

This past week we flew back to Toronto to attend Danny's cousin's daughter's graduation. Got that? The ceremony itself was only a one-day event so we decided to make a trip of it and revisit some of the places that we used to frequent when we lived there just eleven months ago. Seems like so much time has passed since then.

We stayed in the downtown core, just a few blocks from where our old condo was, as it was most accessible for us. It didn't take me long to remember just how brutal traffic is during rush hour (I definitely don't miss that AT ALL). Ben was so much more aware of all the activity going on around him. At some points we had to peek into the stroller to make sure he was still there - he was so quiet and observant. But all that hustle and bustle had me craving some quiet time, something more relaxed and slow-paced. Centre Island would fit the bill.

It was warm (but not too hot) the bugs were virtually non-existent (what?) and the sun was shining. What a perfect day for some family time. Ben loved running around in the open green space and found lots of interesting things in the tree trunks. I can see these guys climbing trees in no time.

We had stopped at Starbucks on the way down and grabbed some drinks, sandwiches, and a protein bistro box. Did I mention how much our kid loves cheese? Perfect for a morning picnic.

I felt like we had the whole park to ourself. So many trees, lots of dry grass and plenty of open space. It was so nice to get in some family time. Loving summer!

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