Centre Island: Beach Bums

Our day on Centre Island started with a picnic under the trees and a trip to Centreville's Far Away Farms and Amusement Park.

At this point of the day Ben had a great nap in the stroller while we walked along the boardwalk and through the various parks. People were walking their dogs, riding their bikes, having picnics and playing frisbee. To me, this is the stuff weekends should be made of... at least as often as is possible.

We settled by the North shore for a while and watched the gulls and swans swimming in the water. Too cold for my taste but I did get my toes wet. 

An hour or so later, Ben woke up and decided it was time to get his feet sandy as well. Thankfully he wasn't nearly as interested in eating it (unlike our time in Hawaii where he literally devoured fist-fulls of the stuff).

I never did grow up by a large body of water but can definitely see the appeal. Here's hoping we can get in lots of beach time in the weeks to come!

What a great day with the family on Centre Island.

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