Let's Go Sledding

It was cold, cloudy and overcast but we hit the road anyway. I desperately needed to fill my lungs with some crisp mountain air even if I couldn't see much of my beloved Rockies. Fortunately, just as we were arriving, Mother Nature heard my prayer and the clouds began to break apart. 

The boys are all set to go! We did a couple 'test runs' back home earlier in the week to see if our squirmy boy could handle sitting in a sled. Luckily he was all for it.

Tromping through the white stuff. Everybody seemed to be having a pretty good time, cold noses and all.

My mountain boy(s).

Doubling up in the big sled with a sweet family friend. Can't wait to share these photos with the kids when they're thirteen, haha.

Thank you Rockies for providing us with another memorable experience. 

What a great way to cleanse the soul.

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