Three Months: Oh Deer!

Well Mr. Benji Bear, we made it to three months! There were lots of changes and developments - some more welcome than others - but overall I'm loving this stage!

Ben has been so interactive this month. Each morning and after most naps I am greeted with the biggest smiles and giggles (and we all know it's not gas even though there's no shortage of that stuff either). But it doesn't stop at just smiles - now he chatters and sings with us too. We like to make different facial expressions or sounds and play copy-cat. Grandma and Grandpa especially love getting these videos. This month Ben also realized his fist was attached to his arm and he could put it in his mouth! It's better than any toy or pacifier, that's for sure. All of his shirts are now wet at the cuff but he doesn't seem to mind. But if he is annoyed or bored with something he sure doesn't hesitate to let us know. This kid is stubborn (just like his parents?) and isn't afraid of speaking up when he wants something.

We also made some sleep milestones this month. The night of March 7th he slept and astounding ten hours straight! I couldn't believe it. Normally we're averaging six hours sleep + feed + two more hours sleep a night. I'm not sure what he's dreaming about but laughs and scowls always seem to come from his bassinet. Ben also hit the 'I refuse to nap during the day phase' which was a lot less fun. Inconsolable fussing for 12 hours straight one day and 10 hours the next. We tried everything we could possibly think of but I'm going to attribute it to just being over-tired and crabby. Thankfully he seems to be back on schedule today.

Unlike last month when we had a surplus of visitors this month has been relatively quiet. We still go to Mommy & Me group sessions and chat with Pedro, Harrison and Elea but is is usually just the two (or three) of us hanging out. We've gone swimming in the pool a couple of times - something Ben's enjoyed since he's first dip at 5 weeks. We also took advantage of some crazy warm spring weather and took Ben to the beach. He slept in the stroller while mom took photos of clouds and kites. It was a treat just to get out.

Who's to say what will happen with spring around the corner?

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  1. What a beautiful little family you are! Keep those photos and videos coming - we love them!