Prairie Girl Cupcakes

Last weekend, after a trip to the Farmer's Market, we popped in at a little shop called "Prairie Girl Bakery". Being a prairie girl myself, I though we should take a look. Really though, who walks into a cupcake store just to look? We decided on 1/2 dozen mini cupcakes to sample, split them each in half, and rated them on a somewhat arbitrary five point scale.

(1) Butterscotch Caramel (3/5) - This was their 'feature of the day' cupcake. The texture was pretty good but the icing was too sweet. Not too memorable.

(2) Dark Cocoa Strawberry (3/5). The chocolate was nice and rich but the strawberry was way too artificial. I prefer strawberries to taste like strawberries, not sugary candy berries.

(3) Vanilla Lemon (2/5) Plain and simple, this cupcake was old! It tasted stale from the first bite and neither Danny nor I had much incentive to even finish our little portion. Too bad - this is probably quite a refreshing treat -- when it is fresh!

(4) Dark Cocoa Peppermint (3/5) The peppermint was a nice cool contrast to the dark chocolate but didn't stand out as 'the best I'd ever have'.

(5) Banana Peanutbutter (4/5) I had my hopes up for this cupcake and it was overall my favourite. The banana was moist and the peanut butter icing had the right combination of sweet and salty.

(6) Red Velvet Cream Cheese (3/5) Danny thought this one was alright but I tasted something spicy in the cake (not in a good way) and couldn't get over it.

I had high hopes that we had found our little neighbourhood cupcake boutique, but overall we were a bit disappointed. In all fairness, we were totally comparing them to our absolute favourite cupcake shop back home, Crave, but I can't help but feel that Prairie Girl came up a bit short. Were they better than grocery store cupcakes? Of course. Were we harsh judges? Perhaps. Will we go back? Not likely. Oh well - at least we tried and had fun playing food critics!

* Not being endorsed in any way whatsoever to do a review of this bakery. Just something we chose to do for fun. Feel free to go try them out for yourself. We're just one opinion of many.


  1. Crave is my 'benchmark cupcake', too! It's funny how divided we YYC'ers get over our cupcakes. Some people love Buttercream Bake Shoppe, others are all for Crave. When you get back we'll have to go to Bliss - it's this tiny shop that opened in Chinatown but now has storefronts in Chinook and TD. It's pretty good!!