Two Months: Chubby Cheeks

Yesterday marked Ben's two month birthday and boy did this past month ever fly by (I have a feeling I am going to be saying that a lot in the future). It seems like he's been in our family forever and we'd be totally incomplete without him. Love our little guy so much!

This month was a busy one. We had a couple of feeding frenzies brought on by growth spurts which threw off the schedule a bit but for the most part we've been getting longer stretches of sleep and are eating bigger meals. Feeding is much easier this month, thank God! Forget that second round of pyjamas Dad bought last month - those are too tight now too! February marked our two-month doctor appointment where Ben weighed in at 12lbs 9oz and measured 23in long. He also got his first set of immunizations. Fortunately he slept it off the next day and has been back to his alert self ever since. Ben's much more interactive, especially in the mornings. He copies our facial expressions, reaches for his toys, gives us big smiles and is on the verge of giggling. As much as he's grown and changed, it is nice to see that he still has the fuzzy ears and long eyelashes he had at birth.

We had another round of visitors this month; first with our good friend (and Ben's future father-in-law ;) ) Patrick who was in town for a conference one weekend and then with Grandma Betty, Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Joyce for ten days. It is so nice to have friends and family from back home come out all this way to share in our joy. We took a lot of strolls downtown, frequented a lot of restaurants and even made a trip out to Niagara Falls. Rain or shine we're on the go. Thankfully Ben's always very cooperative and happy to come along.

On to new adventures in month three!

Enough photos Mom!

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  1. I'm looking forward to Ben's 4 month photos. Danny will have him cheering for the Flames by then. If the Flames don't make the playoffs, you can repost the last of these images.