NYC - Day Three

Day Three in NYC was mostly one of obligatory sightseeing.

We started our day off at the Rockefeller Centre where we went to the 'Top of the Rock' to get an overall panorama of the NYC skyline. I'd seen photos online so had an idea of what to expect but was pleasantly surprised when it was better than I had anticipated! The wind was really blowing but I felt totally secure and was glad to have a breeze to cool me off.

Of course when you're at the Rockefeller Centre you're also at the home of NBC studios so Danny and I decided to pop into the gift shop and have a look around. It was cool to see various paraphernalia from new and old television shows. There were opportunities to do studio tours and show tapings but we had a lot on our schedule for the day so decided that would be something we could do on another trip.

We took the train uptown and decided to walk through Central Park across to the Guggenheim. I was really excited to spend some time in Central Park as it has always seemed to be such an iconic part of New York. The park was massive and beautiful just like I had imagined; a real oasis from the bustling streets. We walked along the Jackie O Reservoir while I enjoyed some lemon ice. But, the heat was the overpowering element once again so we just aimed to get across the park and into an air conditioned building asap. We'll definitely have to go back again on our next trip to spend some more quality time there.

While Danny's not a huge fan of spending hours and hours in museums or galleries but he is happy to come along with me and patiently wait as I take in all the sights. So for this trip I decided that the Guggenheim would be my priority. I have always been a fan of American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright but had only ever seen his work apart from textbooks or in classroom presentations. I immediately recognized the building as we came up to it and couldn't wait to get inside the lobby to look at the ceiling. Fortunately, photos were allowed as long as we weren't in any exhibits so I was able to snap a few pics!

After a long subway ride back down to Chelsea, and a stop at Nordstrom Rack, we returned to the hotel to shower up and get ready for a romantic evening on the water. I had researched some boat tours online before we left and came across one that seemed just perfect.

Just as the sun was setting, we boarded a 1940's yacht with about thirty other people and set sail. I didn't get sea sick (woohoo!) so could completely enjoy spending time with my main guy while taking in the sights. We saw the New Jersey skyline, the New York City Skyline, saw Ellis Island and her Lady Liberty. We passed under the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, gazed at the Empire State Building and watched a soccer game in progress along the shoreline. Probably the highlight of my whole trip!

It was an incredibly romantic evening and seemed like the perfect end to another fantastic day in the great city of New York. 

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