NYC - Day Four (and a half)

Oy, time to wrap this up!

On our fourth day in fabulous NYC we started our day by going back down to Lower Manhattan, more specifically the Fulton Market. We decided to try and get some cheap tickets for a Broadway and heard that the Tkts booth there was one of the less known locations. Well Danny ended up standing in line for over an hour while I browsed shops and sat in the shade. I offered to buy him a drink or switch places with him but he held firm. Apparently it wasn't as 'unknown' as we'd hoped

Shortly afterwards, we made our way to the historic Pier 17 Market, a place I had spotted on our Yacht cruise the night before. There were plenty of food options including some great fish'n'chips which I thoroughly enjoyed. We browsed some of the little shops before heading back to our little hotel in Chelsea.

We washed up and got ready for a night on the town. One of the first things I had on my NYC 'to do' list was to see a Broadway Show and tonight was the night. I was so excited. We took the subway, something we had become pros at by this point, and made our way to the New Amsterdam Theatre to see....

drum roll please...

Mary Poppins!

I felt this strange mix of old Broadway glamour mixed with childhood fantasy. The theatre was absolutely breathtaking and popcorn and liquorice scented the air. We sat in our plush velvet seats and the lights were dimmed.

The performance was magical! I was so impressed with all the talent, not just the singers and dancers but also the set designers and lighting designers and live orchestra. I couldn't help but sing along to the songs (in my head... I promise I'm not one of those people) and was lost in a world of fantasy. It was such a fun experience.

When the show concluded, we headed back to Times Square (just around the corner) and stopped for a bite to eat. Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company fit the bill. As we were walking in some of the hosts were asking if we had a hard time getting in. Slightly confused, we said no, only to be informed that we had just evaded a bomb scare where all the streets had been cordoned off by police men. Haha, nope! Ignorance is bliss! I asked how frequently these scares happened and the waiter told us enough times to warrant a t-shirt that said "I survived a Times Square Bomb Scare". Fortunately, the situation had been sorted out peacefully and everyone was safe.

We enjoyed some of 'Captain Dan's Drunken Shrimp' and the 'Best Ever Popcorn Shrimp' before calling it a night -- our last night in the Big Apple.

The next morning we took it really easy. Our flight was leaving later in the afternoon and it was a bit overcast outside so we stuck around the Meat Packing/ Chelsea district. It was a nice relaxing change of pace from our otherwise busy days. After a bit of retail therapy, we stopped at Morimoto, a contemporary restaurant that infuses Japanese dishes with Western ingredients, for lunch.


Anyone who knows us (in real life) knows that we enjoy watching the Food Network or pretty much any show about food for that matter. Need I remind you of my Cake Boss sighting? Anyway, we had pretty high expectations going into Morimoto as it is owned by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and restauranteur Stephen Starr.

Upon walking into the place I knew we were in for a treat. This place was so sleek and cool. I later learned that it was designed by world-class architect Tadao, Ando. I could have just stared at the interior for an hour. Trust me when I say these pictures do not do it justice.


We were escorted to our table where we spent the next two and a half hours dining on delicious ramen soup (which did wonders for an upset tummy) a bento box with an assortment of sushi for Danny and tempura with salad for me, angry chicken and a delicious whipped dessert topped with fresh berries. The food was excellent and I would definitely return again.

Our delicious meal concluded as did our trip to NYC. We made it to the airport just before a massive rainstorm hit and spent the entire trip home reminiscing about our time in the Big Apple and planning out what to do on our next adventure.

I Heart NYC!

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