Our Life in Transition

Well now that everything has been signed, sealed and is (basically) set in place, I can officially announce that... we're moving.

Danny has been offered a wonderful opportunity for a one-year fellowship position in Toronto and we decided that it would be a mistake not to pursue it. 

Last week, after his exam, we both met up in Toronto to (1) celebrate his new designation and (2) try to get a few things ready for our new life out East. I have never lived in TO before so the idea of moving 3000+ kms across country to a foreign city away from all family and friends is a bit daunting. Okay, a LOT daunting. However, Danny spent four years there while in med school and is a bit more familiar with the neighbourhood. I'm sure he'll do a great job getting me acquainted and settled right in.

Our week-long stay in Toronto was a bit of a whirlwind; meeting with property agents, touring places to live, and signing more cheques than I'd like to think about but we managed to get most of the major items crossed off our 'to-do list' so that when we return in a month's time I won't be panicking. Oh, who am I kidding, I'll probably still be panicking but at least I know we won't be homeless.

So bear with me as we go through these next few weeks. I'm a bit apprehensive about up-rooting our life and leaving behind friends and family and all that is familiar for a year. But, I am also supremely excited about all the adventures that await us in Toronto!

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