It’s the Final Countdown

I’m a bundle of nerves and I don’t even have to do anything! It’s Danny’s big licensing exam this weekend. After twelve years of post-secondary education including five years of residency, thousands of hours of studying and more teaching sessions than I can keep track of, it all comes down to these next few days.

In one sense I can’t really believe that it is actually happening. For as long as we’ve known each other this has been the end point (or the beginning point). This was a date looming over our heads for years, the date in which Danny’s knowledge and competency and character is vigorously examined and tested. So much of our lives were ‘on hold’ until this milestone had been achieved.

Selfishly, I’ve been looking forward to the whole exam process being completed for a while now. Imagine having evenings where we could go out for dinner and a movie, or taking a weekend trip somewhere fun, or not having to turn down so many dinners with family and friends because there were still so many chapters to be covered in the latest textbook?

But the end is finally near!

This morning, Danny boarded a plane and flew to Ottawa to join with the other residents from across the country and take this National exam. No doubt there will be a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety but it is a necessary passage in everyone’s career path.

I have no doubt that he is prepared and capable. I respect the way he has worked so tremendously hard and proven himself multiple times to his peers, his colleagues and his patients. I have a lot of confidence in him and know that he is well equipped for success. And yet, it is with humility that we approach this exam. We can’t take anything for granted and I know it will be challenging.

So I’m sitting here at home, a bundle of nervous energy, not questioning whether his skills or abilities will be ‘enough’ but rather hoping that the exam is a positive experience where he feels he performed to the best of his abilities.

Finger’s crossed! 

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  1. Our thoughts are with you Danny, and we know you will do just fine. Looking forward to seeing you next month.