Dare I Say Spring has Sprung?

Today the sun was out, the sky was blue, and the mercury had risen to a whopping 13’C (55’F). I was itching to go outside, and so, apparently, was the rest of the city. I decided to take a brisk walk and fill my lungs with the fresh, crisp air.

One of the advantages of living downtown is the proximity to the river and all of its pathways. I love being in the hustle and bustle of it all and still having river access just a few blocks away. I cued up my iPhone with some Adele (I’m probably one of the last people on earth to jump on that bandwagon... yeah, she’s fantastic) and off I went.

Within two minutes I realized it was a good thing that I wasn’t hoping for an intensive run because the streets and pathways were absolutely packed. Everyone within a five-mile radius was out. People on skateboards, people on long boards, people on bikes, people on rollerblades and people on bikes pulling people on rollerblades. I was sniffed by big dogs, little dogs, yappy dogs, and even a dog in a pink dog-stroller (really?). There were kids with painted faces climbing on playgrounds, a girl in a teeny tiny green dress hitting softballs with a baseball bat, a group of men carrying cricket poles, and even a group of women twirling those batons with long ribbons attached. And then, of course, were the clusters of people lying on the (mostly) dry grass with their friends next to the group yoga session. I seriously thought I was walking amongst a circus.

It was really strange to see so many different people doing so many different things at once but one thing I know for sure was that we were all united in the joy that spring has finally sprung!

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