One Stylish Baby

My best friend and her husband, both whom I've known since elementary age, are expecting their first child very soon. Like having-contractions-just-last-night soon. They found out it's a little girl which is so exciting because my best friend and I used to play 'house' at each other's homes when we were kids and now she's living out our fantasies for real (minus the crying, no sleep, changing diapers, turn your life upside down part)!

I've always dreamed of dressing up a little girl in cute clothes but I'm not a huge fan of hot pink bubblegum explosions (just watch, that will be all the rage when I have kids). So when came across London based designer, LIHO, my jaw dropped in cuteness overload. Is it possible to have clothing envy of a three year old? Either way, I thought the clothes were great and I can't wait to spoil their soon to be arrival with hugs, and snuggles and maybe a dress or two.

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