Ten Months: Moving & Shaking

When Ben turned ten months old it was a hard milestone for me to accept - double digits seemed so old and I couldn't see much 'baby' left in him. Interestingly, I'm really embracing the ten months old milestone with Max. In fact, I've been saying that he's ten months old for a while now and so it rolls off the tongue pretty easily without pulling on the heartstrings too much.

I had a quick peek back at Ben's ten month post and started chuckling to myself. I normally don't look back at Ben's monthly posts before typing Max's monthly posts so as not to play the comparison game but I did read back this time and I couldn't help but laugh. The boys look nothing a like but act almost exactly the same. 

Max, like his brother, is constantly moving. The army crawl is his preferred motor method but he is always happy to accept two willing hands to take him for a toddle. Diaper changes are probably easier with cats at this point but I'm aware it is just a phase. We won't mention a mysterious 'nugget' Danny found one evening in the master bedroom a couple hours after I had changed Max into his pjs on our bed. Keeps us humble, haha.

All that action has our little man working up quite the appetite. He's pretty good at feeding himself little bits of food and still loves fruit pouches, bananas and cheese. I have also bestowed him with the nickname 'squirrel' (just as I did for his brother, apparently) as I'll often find some moist morsel of cheerios stashed in his clenched fists half an hour after snack time.

Our, cuddly, tall, mama's boy still has two teeth and I thought more were on the way but it turned out to be a nasty little fever. High temperatures kept returning every few hours followed by a post-fever rash. Sleep regressed to some of the worst levels I remember (and it's far from ideal on a 'good night') but fortunately he is pretty healthy most of the time and these episodes aren't the norm. 

This month was one filled with many fun summer activities. We went on a road trip to celebrate my sister's engagement and visited with Aunts, Uncles and Great Grandmothers. We've spent a lot of time outside on mountain picnic trips, eating ice-cream cones by the lake, enjoying park dates, running through spray parks and getting thrills at an amusement park. We celebrated my parents' 30th anniversary surrounded by close family and friends, hosted family dinners (both sides) and enjoyed a few days off together just to relax.

Max certainly has found his niche in our family. He's generally a pretty happy little guy who loves to be included in the action, mimics coughing and sneezing, and babbles 'ma-ma-ma and da-da-da' quite liberally. He's equal parts action and snuggle, loves going places but hates the car, is curious and mischievous and so much fun.

Love you to pieces, Max!

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