Carnival Fun

Doing our best to soak up as much fun and family time as we possibly can this summer. A last minute decision to hit up a local amusement park proved to be a thrilling time for all. 

I used to crave those butterflies I'd get at the top of a roller coaster right before a dramatic descent. I loved the feeling gravity pressing my back into the hard plastic seat when spinning round and round. Nothing quite compared to the sensation of flying through the air, feet dangling high above the hot and sticky pavement. But since having kids, those enticing rides have rendered me into a timid bystander who gets nauseas just watching. Go figure! 

Fortunately, I get almost the same kicks watching my boys light up as they take in the sights and sounds of the amusement park for themselves. I can still feel the butterflies as their wide eyes survey the next ride to conquer. I can feel the gravity pulling down on my own legs as they toddle along, slightly off-kilter, back to the ride's line up (again! again!). My still hair gets caught in the crosswind as the ride above me swoops overhead. 

Maybe I'm no longer a daredevil but it appears the gene has been passed down!

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