Nine Months: Teeth, Trips and Summer Fun

Mr. Man you are nine months old! 

It has been a fun month of changes and it has been really neat seeing Max continually grow and develop. The most noticeable (and probably most painful) change was on July 8th when Max's first two teeth decided to emerge within 90minutes of each other! It was not a fun day but I'm so glad they finally cut through. I don't know who was more relieved, Max or myself.  Seems like more are on the horizon, as they should be. All the better to chomp down on that variety food Max has been loving lately. Kid eats pretty much anything and everything now apart from that evil rice cereal, oatmeal or avocado which inevitably induces dramatic gags.

Our little mover seems to be slimming down a bit. Definitely have to watch him like a hawk now that he is so mobile. He likes to make his way across the room either with a reverse army crawl or a series of rolls to fetch whatever object has caught his interest. This object is more often than not whatever Ben is playing with. Fortunately the boys seem to be buddies more than enemies, but I suppose that depends on the hour of the day. He also still loves his bouncer and when we 'walk' with him around the house he usually bounces as often as he puts one foot in front of the other. He can pull himself up quite well and is pretty steady standing on his feet providing he has something to hold onto. Another adorable motor milestone is clapping his hands. Something about the sound of his little pudgy hands slapping together. So cute.

With all of these changes, it is nice to see some things remain the same. Max still has the little white hair at the back of his head that he's worn proudly pretty much ever since birth. He still has a little scrunchy nose whenever he smiles (yay!) and he still has a good death grip on your triceps whenever you hold him (ouch!). He's still a very happy-go-lucky, giggly little guy who hates sleeping more than two hours at a time, cries during car trips and loves to be included in everything. We love him so much!

This month has been a fun one chalk full of requisite summer activities. We've gone on a few day trips to visit our friend's cottage in the Rocky Mountains and enjoyed playing at Grandma B's house with family. My parents came to town and took the boys to a family BBQ while Danny and I attended a wedding. We waved at the marching horses and policemen as we watched a Stampede Parade.  Daily progress reports have been logged as we watch our yard transform from mud pit to backyard retreat (just a few more weeks!) We've gone on many walks and park adventures in our neighbourhood, hit up the zoo with Great Grandma Clara and enjoyed a pool date at our Recreation Centre with our cousins. Birthday parties have been attended, new babies welcomed and lots of cake has been eaten. Just recently, we took a little road trip and headed to the Royal Tyrell Museum to check out the dinosaurs and the badlands. Boys had a blast. 

So many wonderful memories and many more to be had in the weeks to come! What a great time to be nine months old.

* For some reason my images appear way different on the blog than they do on any other interface (too much contrast and the white balance is way off) but I don't have the time/energy to fix it right now so these will have to do for now.

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