Vegas with Babies (aka visual overload)

Even before Max was born I said to Danny that I needed to plan a vacation for our family. I needed something I could look forward to after what I assumed would be a long winter cooped up in the house with two little ones. Vegas fit the bill perfectly. Short flight. Plenty to do. Accessible for the grandparents who happily agreed to meet us there from their much sunnier climes (read: snowbirds). This trip turned out to be exactly what I needed and couldn't come soon enough!

Nothing like a change of scenery (and pace) to shake things up a bit.

Welcome to warm weather, Max, where you get to load up on sunscreen instead of layers upon layers of clothing to go outside. Palm trees, sunshine, baby giggles. Enough said.

Taking a few fun group shots while we waited for the Bellagio fountains. They didn't actually play as it was apparently too windy outside but Ben was thrilled to have Papa Ray's attention again…it had been a while since they last played together.

Exploring the butterfly gardens, also at the Bellagio, and taking in the sweet scents of the fresh flower gardens. How cool is that 3D painting? This living artwork puts my green thumb to shame... if you can even call weekly purchases of tulips worthy of a green thumb title. Yeah, not so much. But anyhow, the flowers here were stunning.

A much needed date night for Danny and I. First one since the baby was born if I recall. A delicious steak night at Mastro's Ocean Club followed by a walk down the illuminated strip.

Ben and the Grandparents riding the 'choo chop tram'. He still talks about this! My sweet boy loves planes, trains, and basically any form of transportation that will go-go-go!

Jean Phillipe - we meet again.

No shortage of things to see, eat and buy in Vegas. Our eyes were delighted, tummies were full and feet were sore.

Some fun family shots in our hotel lobby. If I could bottle the scent of Mandarin Oriental hotel and sell it I would be able to purchase one of their penthouse residences. Too bad that aroma is specially formulated exclusively for the hotel and not for sale (so I'm told). Guess we'll just have to keep coming back!

Brunch at MOzen bistro before heading home. It was tough to say goodbye to the grandparents and tough to say goodbye to the warm weather but what wonderful memories we could take home with us!

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