Five Months: Tasty Toes, Belly Rolls & Big Explosions

We are at the wonderful five month mark with our Maxim. I remember five months old being a really great age with Ben and I think we're in for a similar experience with Max. Routines are pretty stable, baby is happy and we're getting a bit more sleep. Yay for five months!

I had to look back at the four month post to see what sort of developments we'd actually achieved this month; it seems like there's been so much going on that something that happened six days prior is 'old hat' now. Max really likes lying on his back and playing with or nibbling on his toes. He also hoists his legs into the air a lot and then rolls to his side. Today marked the first time that he rolled completely over from back to front (and then proceeded to protest because he was stuck, haha). He still gurgles and drools and makes lots of funny squeaks and squeals. He's got a great belly laugh and enjoys when we tease him. One funny thing I noticed recently is that he will often make puffing noises when he wakes up. He'll fill up his cheeks with air, purse his lips, and then pufffffff! I think he finds it quite entertaining.

A couple weeks ago, Max had his wellness and immunization appointment and the 'little mister' weighed in at 19lbs1oz. Holy Moly! Way to go buddy! He's also 29in long which explains why we've once again moved on to the 9-12month sized pyjamas and are in size 4 diapers. Just to compare, Ben wears a size 5 diaper right now and he is two years old! Speaking of diapers (yup, I'm going there) Max has been exploding out of his diapers 2-3 times a day for almost two months now. I'm rather tired of changing his outfits multiple times a day and scrubbing out already ruined onesies. Serious power with that kid. We've tried everything short of full body saran wrap. Uuugh - can't wait until this particular phase has passed, haha!

We've been putting Max in the crib in the nursery a few times at night but he still usually sleeps in our room. Still very much a mama's boy and likes having me near by. He'll do a good five hour stretch and then wake up almost every hour afterwards until we officially get up for the day. The five hour stretch is nice and he's usually fairly easy to put down during the waking up phase, unless he's not, in which case I hand him over to Dad. Your turn!

This month we did our best to keep entertained during one of the longest winters in recent memory. We organized a few playdates with our friends to get out of the house and explore. Max likes the change of scenery but hates the car rides getting there. Max also took his first every plane ride when we went down to Las Vegas for a few nights to visit with my folks and break up the monotony of our day to day routine. I was so much less worried about traveling with a baby having done it before with Ben and not surprisingly it went pretty smoothly. The flight back was slightly more challenging as Max was way too distracted to remember how nurse (seriously?) but he didn't fuss too much and eventually fell asleep. Cannot complain. The next trip could be treacherous or wonderful. That's the joy of unpredictability!

As I alluded to before, we are so ready for winter to be over and spring to show its sunny face. I can't wait to get outside a lot more with the boys and enjoy playing around in the sand or grass. I guess that is also dependent on our yard being landscaped but that is scheduled to happen as soon as the snow melts so bring on spring!

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  1. We loved our time with him in Las Vegas getting to know him better. Ben is also taking on the role of "big brother to little Max". Great to see. Love from Papa Ray and Baba Roni.