Three Months: Big Boy, Big Smiles

Three months already! I am so in love with this big guy; he is such a sweetheart. We've seen lots of changes and growth over the past few weeks and I'm savouring it all as much as I can.

Let's start with the smiles. Oh the smiles! I melt every time he gives me a huge gummy grin and fortunately that means I'm basically a puddle. I love how his little nose scrunches up so tight and I can't wait to hear the belly laugh that must accompany those grins (they're starting). His cooes and giggles carry on for wonderful conversations that I really cherish. He's been having some mighty stare-downs with his fist and can support his head pretty well too. Mr. Max weighed in at 15lbs and was 63cm long at his immunization appointment a couple weeks back. Looks as though I'm going to be surrounded by some tall strong men in the future.

Max has been a pretty easy baby temperament wise and still enjoys lots of cuddles and snuggles. He's very social and likes to be right in the action with everyone else; and lets us know if he feels he's been left on the sidelines. He continues to wake up quite a bit at night (3-4 times) but is coerced back to dream land without too much trouble (read: nursing session). Yes, there are still a few nights where he thinks it's party time and Danny and I have to take turns waiting it out but they're becoming less and less frequent. I think it is really cute to watch his half-closed eyes roll back and forth whenever he sucks on a pacifier or is falling asleep.

It was fun to celebrate the holiday season with two little boys this year. Both Ben and Max enjoyed visits from both sides of the family as well as plenty of snuggles from family friends who stopped by. We had a few little playdates but stayed pretty close to home for the most part. Looking forward to venturing out a little bit more in the not too distant future.


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  1. We just love seeing Max's development. Can't wait to hear that "belly laugh" too!