Holiday Wrap Up

We were very fortunate to celebrate the holidays with both sides of our family this year. The fact that we had a new little family member with us to share in his first year of festivities made it all the more special.

We kicked off the merriment with Danny's side of the family. It was a quiet evening gathering where we enjoyed some hot pot (a necessity during the cold snap), opened gifts (the cousins bought each other the exact same gift, haha) and of course played with the train set. I think all the big boys were quite into it.

My side of the family arrived the next day. Poor Ben was very sick at this point so we laid low and stayed cozy. We had a prime rib roast on Christmas Eve followed by a continental breakfast of sorts on Christmas morning. Ben definitely wasn't feeling his best but still enjoyed reading stories and cuddling with many obliging family members.

My sister and her boyfriend departed that afternoon to celebrate with his side of the family and we were joined for supper by some close family friends. Of course I was elbow deep in turkey and stuffing at that point so didn't manage to snap any photos. Oh well! The night was lovely and filled with many warm memories.

I feel so fortunate to be surrounded my so many family members and friends for the holidays. As a kid, the emphasis was always placed on spending time with each other whether that be playing board games, putting on impromptu dance concerts, baking cookies, or snowmobiling at the cabin. I'm really glad we are able to place that emphasis of spending time with each other in my own little family as well. I hope my boys remember this time of year being as magical as I do.

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