Seven Months: Summer Fun

It should go without saying that this month has been all about big changes (most notably our move back across country) and I couldn't be more pleased/relieved with how well Ben handled it.

Kid's appetite is increasing along with his body mass. We're doing one solid meal per day and so far so good! He still prefers the bottle but is happy to try everything else we've offered (so far). The post-meal mess is unbelievable as Ben likes to grab the spoon, rub his face mid chew, suck on his bib, etc. while being fed. Thank goodness everything is washable.

Most of the clothes that arrived on the moving truck last week no longer fit despite being 'roomy' just a few weeks ago. The other day I realized that he fits the entire length of his change mat from head-to-toe. I can't believe his strength either. I seriously have to work hard to keep him from squirming away during diaper changes or when getting him dressed. I'm not sure who's more tired by the end.

Mobility is definitely improving with Ben getting up on all fours and manoeuvring around on his tummy in every which way. No crawling yet (and secretly I'm thankful for that) but even then it is becoming apparent that I cannot leave him unwatched for even five seconds. Ben can easily eject himself from his Bumbo chair and will wriggle to whatever has caught his interest. We learned this the hard way, unfortunately, as he's had two tumbles now...once for Mom and once for Dad. Fortunately he's just fine (although we were both a bit traumatized when it happened).

Ben is now officially in his big boy crib and no longer in the same room as us at night. His sleep habits are kind of random at the moment. We had one night where he slept through the night (hallelujah) and the very next he woke up 6 or 8 times. We bought a baby monitor which has been an awesome investment, especially now that he is 'all the way in the next room'. I think I had more separation anxiety than the kid did.

Now that we're back on 'home turf' and (finally) semi-settled...we've been running around like mad! I hosted a bridal shower/stagette for a great friend and spent my first night away from my little man that day. We giddy-up'd to the 100th Stampede with our good friends Cory, Ash and Isla for some Western fun. Baba, Grandpa and Aunty Kelly came for a visit. We met cousin Ethan who's just a few weeks old and hosted Danny's mom's birthday dinner/cake. We attended two weddings - one in beautiful rural Saskatchewan and the other nestled in the picturesque Rocky Mountains. Although the mosquitoes got the best of us in both locations we still had a blast. Danny started his position as an attending this month and we couldn't be more proud of him. I probably missed a bunch of things but I think you get the gist of it all.

Next up for Ben and I is a road trip where I tackle long-distance driving...solo! Fortunately Ben is getting better with being in the car now (maybe just one big meltdown every twenty to thirty minutes).

Wish us luck!

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