And Then I Fell off the Face of the Earth...

Whoa - it's mid July already???!!!

I'm writing this post as I wait for our moving truck to (supposedly) arrive. What's that you say? Didn't we move like a month ago? Well my friends, I'm afraid this isn't a typo. It has been nearly a month and, yes, we're still waiting for our stuff to arrive.

I'll spare you the excessive rant that will likely turn into a run on of expletives and just say that it has been an extremely frustrating experience. Lost vehicles, broken down trucks, poor schedulers, countless phone calls, emails, broken down communications, deadlines passed, revised deadlines passed, re-purchased wedding gifts/outfits/bridal shower materials, and a new appreciation for sleeping on your own bed (or any bed for that matter).

Deep breaths.

But it hasn't all been a complete disaster. The new house is great and I can't wait to truly settle in with our stuff. We've attended birthday parties, thrown bridal showers/stagettes, hosted grandparents, aunts, uncles, enjoyed to the Calgary Stampede, attended a fun family wedding in Saskatchewan and exhausted almost every take out menu in our neighbourhood. It's no wonder I am in shock that we're half-way through July.

Hoping to resume a more frequent posting schedule soon (although it's not as though I was a frequent poster to begin with).

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