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OMG is the baby asleep?... is he still asleep?

We have entered the phase of teething and I'm not going to lie, it has been rough at times. The amount of drool is astounding and unfortunately with that constant wet stream comes some very chapped cheeks (and now neck and chest). We're doing our best to keep him clean and dry but it is such an uphill battle. New shirts, new bibs, teething toys (Sophie!), soothing lotion and moisture barriers, night time swaddles, mittens to keep the scratching at bay, great big bandaids to cover the open wounds when the mittens fail. 

And then there's the sleep issue. This poor kid fights sleep like it's the plague! I'm not sure if it's because he's itchy or sore or overtired or just plain restless but I really feel like we're back to the early days of getting up every couple hours at night and then spending 2 hours trying to lull him into a 30min nap during the day. We've tried gripe water and the occasional dose of Tempra which help a bit but I don't think there is a perfect cure no matter how much I try to find one. I know this is just a phase but some days I feel completely burnt out. I try not to complain too much when Danny comes home from his own long day of work but more often than not I just hand him the baby. "Here, you deal with him now." We take shifts which helps a but still isn't ideal. 

I'm not sure which one fell asleep first but I wasn't going to wake either of them up!

Side note: One of the fairly obvious things I've learned since becoming a parent is that despite your best efforts and intentions you can't control everything!

Anyway, I don't want to turn this into a Debbie Downer rant because (a) nobody wants to read about the problems every other parent faces and (b) my mom reads this blog and I don't want her to get worried. We'll be fine... it's just not always a butterflies and roses type of day.

Apart from the teething we've been winding up our time here in TO. I had a few things on my 'bucket list' that we were able to cross off. Fortunately we've been having fairly decent weather lately so the stroller is out in full force. We've made a few trips to Chinatown and surrounding area to indulge in the cravings that can only be satisfied on Spadina Avenue. We made an afternoon out of the Hockey Hall of Fame and posed along side the Stanley Cup. I spent a few hours atop our rooftop terrace taking in the skyline from all different angles. We even tried a new restaurant where I found my 'new favourite soup'. If it weren't for the move I know we would be regulars.

There are still a few things I want to cross of my list but if we don't get them all done that's okay too. I have to remind myself to stop wishing away time (It will get better as soon as the teeth pop through or I can't wait until we have a back yard to play in) because at the end of the day there will always be struggles to deal with and there will always be adventures to enjoy. It's just part of finding the balance in life; taking the good with the bad and embracing what you have. 

And at the end of the day I've got it pretty darn good.

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