Six Months: Rolling & Solids

Six Months. Half a Year. And what a half-year it has been!

I find myself having to look back at previous monthly posts to remember which milestones Ben has hit as they come so fast and then seem like they've been here forever. The big ones for this month include rolling over at every opportunity (making diaper changes a fun challenge), hanging out on his tummy (no longer hates it), pushing his bum into the air while trying to get his knees under him and trying to crawl. He'll scuttle a few inches to reach for a toy or put his pacifier into his mouth (albeit backwards sometimes) but it looks like we might have a crawler after all!

We started incorporating rice cereal into Ben's diet and he absolutely loved it the first time around. The next few attempts were ho hum but the strained/pureed peas and carrots were a big hit. Slowly trying new foods, fingers crossed that there are no allergies. We'll see.

Ben also started making strange which made for a couple awkward moments but I know it is just a phase. Pretty soon he'll want nothing to do with his parents so I'll enjoy the clinginess while it lasts.

Sleep has taken a step backward with Ben waking 3 or 4 times a night. He seems to be in some discomfort over his teeth (which still haven't surfaced by the way). I feel like the girl who cried 'teeth' and yet we still have nothing to show for it apart from red cheeks and soaked bibs.

The past month has been busy for fairly obvious reasons (being our last month in TO) and Ben has been handling it like a champ. We enjoyed a nice Father's Day hitting up our favorite Sunday lunch spot and presenting Dad with a couple of sentimental gifts. We picked out a new set of wheels that should be a bit more 'kid friendly', enjoyed a few dinners with extended family, met some new friends on the rooftop terrace and attended our first birthday party for our sweet friend, Elea, who turned 1. We said goodbye to our worldly possessions as they were loaded up onto a big truck and shipped cross-country and we're now 'roughing it' for the next few days on an air mattress in an otherwise bare condo.

Big transitions ahead!

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  1. I love looking back at the photos with his white bunny and seeing him growing and now wrestling with the bunny! Hope his teeth make an appearance soon. Looking forward to seeing him next week.