[P]Inspired: Romantic Bathrooms

I've been imagining my dream home for years. The location, the mood, the interior furnishings. When I was still in elementary school, one of my favourite activities would be grabbing the Sears catalogue, hiding under my bed covers and picking out the various pieces I would use to furnish my future home.  These visualizations, of course, have changed and shifted over the years but I've always liked to imagine 'what could be'. 

The dreaming has never really stopped and I often find myself seeing snippets in magazines or online and thinking, "Could I really design a whole house around a metal basin?" The answer is probably no, but I still like to pretend.

So here is a compilation of Romantic Bathrooms that (thanks to Pinterest) have recently caught my eye. Who knows what my actual bathroom will end up looking like, but these are a fun jumping off point. 

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  1. Guess which photograph your Grandma Clara would like?