30th Birthday Celebration

This past weekend we celebrated Danny's 30th Birthday. It was a fairly low key celebration considering the milestone year but when the big exam is lurking, priorities (aka studying) pretty much dictate the course of events.

After work on Friday, I took Danny out for a steak supper. We're both Albertans through and through so when it comes to beef, we've got high standards, haha. The meal did not disappoint. I ordered my favourite dish, Prime Rib, and he had a Baseball Steak. Yum. After the meal (and at Danny's request!) we drove around to some of the nicest neighbourhoods in the city and gawked at houses. Obviously we're not looking at buying anything but it was sure fun to play 'what if'. Finally, we went back home to have dessert. Earlier in the day, I had dropped in at Crave Cupcakes and grabbed and assortment of goodies. Crave is my absolute favorite bakery so any excuse to grab a sweet treat is a good one for me. The cupcakes were fantastic.

On Saturday (Danny's actual birthday) it was snowing. Yuck! I'm so tired of snow. Regardless, we ventured out for some dim sum with his family at the near by cultural centre and then headed back to their house for some dessert.

One of the things I love about celebrating birthdays with Danny's family is the cake. It is so different than the cakes that I grew up with as a kid. These are often made at specialty bakeries. The cake itself is similar to a white cake or a sponge cake filled with whipped creme. Then the entire cake is adorned with fresh fruit (mango, strawberries, kiwi or whatever is in season) and topped with an edible chocolate message. The end result was so yummy and tasted just as delicious as it looked!

We finished the day by running a few errands and, of course, studying. All in all it was a great way to spend a 30th birthday... not that I'm approaching that milestone any time soon, haha!

(My apologies for the poor iPhone picture quality)

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